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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Military

Subseries ID: 001CL-0091

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BoxFolder IDFolder TitleFolder DatesFolder Contents
1700091CL-001Military1981Urge Governor to restore Fort Griswold in Groton; criticisms of Military Department administration; National Guard to assist at July 4th celebration in East Hartford; President Reagan urges Governors
1700091CL-002Military1985-1986Requests for historical information; request use of National Guard Sky Crane to move a barn to a museum in Vermont; men request National Guard shoulder patches for their collections; Governor helps ge
1700091CL-003MilitaryJanuary-May 1987Protests sale of live ammunition at a State Armory; oppose deploying Connecticut National Guard in Central America; oppose termination from National Guard; Governor writes letters of recommendation fo
1700091CL-004MilitaryJuly-December 1987Governor congratulates people enlisting in the National Guard; requests direct commission in National Guard; Governor congratulates people enlisting into the U.S. Army; protests forced resignation fro
1700091CL-005MilitaryJanuary-June 1988Connecticut Wing Emergency Services Alert Roster; publication from the New York POW/MIA Public Awareness Coalition; request for historical information; information concerning port visits of the U.S.S.
1700091CL-006MilitaryJuly-December 1988Activation of National Guard in response to forest fire; Governor congratulates individual enlisting in the National Guard; special order concerning promotion; National Guard not accommodating to some
1700091CL-007Military--Army Corps of Engineers1988Notice that Corps is monitoring drought conditions in Connecticut; update report on projects in Connecticut; amendments to presolicitation notices for projects in other states.
1700091CL-008MilitaryJanuary-July 1989Army Corps of Engineers plans for Connecticut River dredging; medical disqualification; Army Corps of Engineers update on permits for highway construction; contract compliance of the Soldiers', Sailor
1710091CL-009MilitaryAugust-December 1989Governor praises professionalism of Connecticut National Guard; Army Corps of Engineers issues one road construction permit and denies the second; request for historical information; protest correctio
1710091CL-010Military--Adjutant General1989Notices of National Guard members being deployed overseas; special order concerning members relieved from assignment, members receiving awards, members receiving new assignments or appointments; Conne
1710091CL-011[Military]--National Guard1989Soldier wishes to extend his length of service; Governor nominates Colonel David W. Gay for position of U.S. Property and Fiscal Office for Connecticut; Governor's letter of gratitude to 192nd Enginee
1710091CL-012MilitaryJanuary-May 1990Complaint about low-level flights of military aircraft; concern about legality of relationship between the Department and In-Town Tennis, Inc.; protests having car towed from parking lot of the First
1710091CL-013MilitaryJune-November 1990Parent blames National Guard for son's motor vehicle accident; Governor permits senior members of Air National Guard to observe training at Canadian Forces Base in New Brunswick; invitation to Govern
1710091CL-014Military--[Army Corps of Engineers]1990Update reports on projects in Connecticut; amendments to presolicitation notices; Corps wants to deactivate a study for improvements at Bridgeport Harbor; notice of stream bank protection project alon
1710091CL-015[Military--Air] National Guard1990Notices of overseas travel.
1710091CL-016Military--[Consolidation of Orders]April 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1710091CL-017Military--[Consolidation of Orders]May 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1710091CL-018Military--[Consolidation of Orders]August 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1710091CL-019Military--[Consolidation of Orders]September 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-020Military--[Consolidation of Orders]October 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-021Military--[Consolidation of Orders]November 6-9, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-022Military--[Consolidation of Orders]November 14-19, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-023Military--[Consolidation of Orders]November 20-27, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-024Military--[Consolidation of Orders]November 28-30, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-025Military--[Consolidation of Orders]December 3-18, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-026Military--[Consolidation of Orders]December 19-31, 1990Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1720091CL-027Military--[Consolidation of Orders]January 1991Individual orders gathered according to order number.
1730091CL-028Military--[Special Orders and Deployment Notices]January-June 1990
1730091CL-029Military--[Special Orders and Deployment Notices]July-November 1990
1730091CL-030Military--U.S.S. Nautilus1978-1980Resolution by Groton Municipal Employees Association supporting efforts to dock the Nautilus in Groton; constituents urge Governor Grasso to ensure the Nautilus returns to Connecticut; Grasso writes t
1730091CL-031Military--U.S.S. Nautilus1981-1983Discussion of site for Nautilus memorial; concern that Governor's Nautilus Committee has been ineffective; Governor O'Neill nominates the vessel for designation as a National Historic Landmark; letter
1730091CL-032Military--U.S.S. Nautilus1989Brochure on the Nautilus prepared by the Submarine Force Library and Museum.