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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Miscellaneous

Subseries ID: 001CL-0092

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BoxFolder IDFolder TitleFolder DatesFolder Contents
1730092CL-001MiscellaneousJanuary-February 1981Thanks Governor for appearance at event; unintelligible correspondence; opposes balancing the budget on state employee positions; protest high energy costs; opinions concerning taxes; requests for inf
1730092CL-002MiscellaneousMarch 1981Requests for information or the Governor's opinion; congratulations and best wishes as O'Neill takes over the state government; requests for appointments with Governor; praise for Connecticut Communit
1730092CL-003MiscellaneousApril-July 1981Request for Governor's autograph; invitations; students wish to meet Governor; requests for information or Governor's opinion; requests donation from Governor; concern for those who cannot afford to p
1740092CL-004MiscellaneousJune 1981Drawings of the Governor and the Capitol drawn by students after their field trip to Hartford.
1740092CL-005MiscellaneousAugust-October 1981Biographical material on Max Belding; request for Governor's opinion; requests an appointment with the Governor; essays on mankind's efforts to reach spiritual peace; requests Governor make nomination
1740092CL-006MiscellaneousNovember-December 1981Governor congratulates people beginning new ventures in the state; requests for information; immigration problem; suggest investigation of salaries at UConn; Governor sends greetings to the Governor o
1740092CL-007[Miscellaneous]--Commissioners1981Commissioners notify Governor of absence from state; request to all agency heads for information on services provided to the Hispanic Community.
1740092CL-008[Miscellaneous]--Hartford Chamber of Commerce1981President refutes statements he allegedly gave to the press; computer services questionnaire.
1740092CL-009Miscellaneous1982Allegations of insurance fraud; information concerning the creation of a center to study leatherback turtles.
1740092CL-010Miscellaneous1986Suggestions for helping the needy; protests Governor attending St. Patrick dinner because it excludes women; requests appointment with Governor; list of experts on the Puerto Rican community in Connec
1740092CL-011MiscellaneousJanuary-July 1987Requests for information; request letter of recommendation; complaint about parking in Hartford; Governor forwards petition against U.S. support of Nicaragua to state Congressional delegation; woman v
1740092CL-012MiscellaneousAugust-October 1987Invitations; requests for information; newspaper articles about Hispanic issues sent to Marilynn Cruz-Aponte and letters concerning her activities in relation to advocating for Hispanic residents; Gov
1740092CL-013MiscellaneousNovember-December 1987Thank Governor for participating in event; requests for information; invitation to Cruz-Aponte; Official Statement designating January 3-9, 1988 as Constitution Ratification Week in Connecticut; Gover
1740092CL-014Mis[cellaneous]January 1988Offers services as educator; requests for information; sends Governor samples of her writing; constituents ask Governor to continue supporting Representative Gejdenson's request that the next Trident
1740092CL-015Misc[ellaneous]February 1988Tirade against welfare and its recipients; constituents ask Governor to continue supporting Representative Gejdenson's request that the next Trident submarine be named after the state; requests for i
1750092CL-016Misc[ellaneous]March1-16, 1988Expresses concerns about state and national issues; Marilynn Cruz-Aponte nominated for Saint Joseph College Distinguished Young Alumnae Association Award, she sends her resume; protest Governor's atte
1750092CL-017Misc[ellaneous]March 17-31, 1988Invitations; protests Governor's attendance at a Knights of Saint Patrick dinner because it excludes women; complaints about Cumberland Farms, addressed to Governor Dukakis; requests Governor's assist
1750092CL-018Misc[ellaneous]April 1988Requests for information; resents benefits Governor receives; angry at Governor for spending the budget surplus; Governor to receive an honorary degree from Yeshiva University; activities of the South
1750092CL-019Misc[ellaneous]May 1988Thanks Governor for proclaiming Afghanistan Day; school children write to the Governor; Barbara Gordon recommends person to Hartford College for Women; invitations; change of consul generals; personne
1750092CL-020Misc[ellaneous]June-July 1988Protests number of inserts in telephone bill; thanks Governor for sending a state rock; invitations; thank Governor for support; individuals seeking state employment; Governor requests support for can
1750092CL-021Misc[ellaneous]August 1988Request for Governor's autographed picture; tell Governor about new inventions; requests for information; resignation of North Canaan Democratic Town Committee Chairman; invitation; elderly carry on c
1750092CL-022Misc[ellaneous]September-October 1988Requests for information; asks Governor to prevent a movie from being shown in the state; supports George Bush as president; invitation; elderly try to carry on correspondence with Governor; thanks Go
1750092CL-023Misc[ellaneous]November-December 1988Governor visits Mount Saint John's School for Boys; items hurtful to George Bush sent to Governor to forward to Governor Dukakis; thanks Governor for help establishing a memorial to Medal of Honor rec
1750092CL-024Misc[ellaneous]January-February 1989Connecticut company having financial difficulties; Governor of Texas request Governor's support in case against State of New York; requests for Lester Force to represent Connecticut at the Law Enforce
1760092CL-025Misc[ellaneous]March-April 1989Expresses opinions on national issues; student requests Governor's opinion on several issues; information about archaeological sites in the state; invitations.
1760092CL-026Misc[ellaneous]April 1989suggests new currency; wants hold on her family lifted; Massachusetts Airport System Plan; allegations of irregularities in government of Putnam County, NY.
1760092CL-027[Miscellaneous--Book Presented to Governor]May 31, 1989Jerusalem, Most Fair of Cities. Inscribed to Governor O'Neill from the Consul General of Israel.
1760092CL-028Misc[ellaneous]May-October 1989Information on environmental illness; complaint about public behavior of state Representative Migliaro; Eugene Rossi resigns as one of the Governor's Washington representatives; need to stop overpopul
1760092CL-029Misc[ellaneous]November-December 1989Governor announces 1990 Connecticut Technology Directory; invitations; suggestions to improve the state; problems with student loan; Governor congratulates Connecticut Humanities Council for national
1760092CL-030MiscellaneousJanuary 1990Asks Governor to help her return to Hartford; alleged slander; religion can help unite the country; opposes military buildup; send Governor newspaper clippings and articles.
1760092CL-031MiscellaneousFebruary 1990Tirade against waste in state government; John King announces he is not seeking reelection as chairman of the Democratic Town Committee of New Britain; presents Governor with new state song; advocates
1760092CL-032MiscellaneousMarch 1990Supports Governor's plans to run again; essay about his mother; need to help Jews in the Soviet Union; request for information; request for help; seeking minority candidates for position at UConn, ask
1760092CL-033MiscellaneousApril-June 1990Thanks Governor for designating Interstitial Cystitis Awareness Week; company markets its services; certificate of incorporation of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation; t
1770092CL-034MiscellaneousJuly-September 1990Alleged welfare fraud; report from the Task Force on Chaplaincy in State Institutions; state opinion ballots; alleged theft; should abolish Spanish on multi-lingual signs; recounts financial difficult
1770092CL-035MiscellaneousOctober-December 1990Governor commends emergency service agencies in Essex; problems with Stratford police; Marilynn Cruz-Aponte resigns from The Regional Laboratory; best wishes as Governor retires; wants Governor's help
1770092CL-036MiscellaneousDecember 1990Report on Ohio's Edison Technology Centers; complaint about watches purchased from Timex Corp.; annual report of the Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut; anti gun control propaganda.