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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Motor Vehicles

Subseries ID: 001CL-0093

Subseries is: 001CL-0093
Folder is: Motor Vehicles
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
177  0093CL-001  Motor Vehicles  December 1980-May 1981  Request suspension of license; protest suspension of license, want Governor to get it back; service station opposes P.A. 80-425 requiring written authorization from the car owner before repairs can be 
177  0093CL-002  Motor Vehicles  June-August 1981  Protest suspension of license, want Governor to get it back; requests for sample license plate; protests speeding ticket; protest closing Norwalk, Ansonia, Old Saybrook and Milford offices; sixteen ye 
177  0093CL-003  Motor Vehicles  September-December 1981  Protests high vehicle registration fee; question about restoring suspended license; inspections discontinued at Meriden Branch office; allege unauthorized motor vehicle repairs; complaint about proper 
177  0093CL-004  Motor Vehicles--[Memos to/from Commissioner] Muzio  1981  Commissioner forwards complimentary letters; report of misuse of state vehicle; policy regarding employee response to abusive public. 
177  0093CL-005  Motor Vehicles--[Progress Reports]  1981   
178  0093CL-006  Motor Vehicles  1982  Requests transfer of license plate numbers to his wife; requests information on when emissions testing will begin. 
178  0093CL-007  Motor Vehicles  1983  Investigation of car dealership for charging for undercoating but not providing it; supports use of safety belts; Connecticut's odometer tampering law; requests clarification of classifications for mo 
178  0093CL-008  Motor Vehicles--[Progress Reports]  1983   
178  0093CL-009  Motor Vehicles  1984  Protest closing Stamford office; Governor describes actions taken to rid the state of drunk drivers; National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommendations for reducing drunk driving accidents a 
178  0093CL-010  [Motor Vehicles]--Emissions  1984  Question concerning relationship between emissions testing and federal highway funds; oppose emissions testing. 
178  0093CL-011  Motor Vehicles  1985  Mothers Against Drunk Driving request public service announcement with Governor; opposes emissions testing; advocates safety belts for school buses; National Transportation Safety Board recommendation 
178  0093CL-012  Motor Vehicles  January-June 1986  Request for Connecticut license plate with special lettering for Olympics; suggestion about insurance identification; complaints about car dealers; requests enforcement of handicapped parking laws; su 
178  0093CL-013  Motor Vehicles  July-December 1986  Concern about licensing procedures for school bus drivers; suggestions for improving operations at Department; question concerning vanity plates; revision of police accident report form; auto insuran 
178  0093CL-014  Motor Vehicles--Drunk Driving  1986  Suggestions for reducing or stopping drunk driving; request for state funding from Students Against Drunk Driving; request to reduce drinking age; accounts of accidents involving drunk drivers. 
178  0093CL-015  Motor Vehicles--Emissions  1986  Complaints about the emissions testing process; complaints about rude staff; complaint about high fee; protest trucks not needing emissions tests; suggest senior citizens be exempt from testing. 
178  0093CL-016  Motor Vehicles--[Progress Reports]  1986   
178  0093CL-017  Motor Vehicles  January 1987  Requests refund for registration; draft legislation concerning false drivers licenses; protests suspension of license; need to replace old license plates; complaint about repair shop; question about h 
178  0093CL-018  Motor Vehicles  February 1987  Wants suspended license returned; problem of out-of-state registrations; protest increase in registration fees; meeting notice for members of Motor Carrier Advisory Committee; request for sample licen 
178  0093CL-019  Motor Vehicles  March-April 1987  Recommendation of National Transportation Safety Board; need to enforce handicapped parking laws; complaints about car dealers; protests emissions testing; problems with town taxes; complaint about ru 
179  0093CL-020  Motor Vehicles  May 1987  Opposes moving Norwalk office; question about reciprocity of handicapped parking permit; suggested oath to be taken by applicants for driver's license; protests duplicate license plate numbers; compla 
179  0093CL-021  Motor Vehicles  June 1987  Protests license suspension; questions regulations regarding handicapped parking permits; request for sample license plate; questions use of one registration sticker for two license plates; protests t 
179  0093CL-022  Motor Vehicles  July 1987  Protests extra fee for registering rebuilt totaled vehicle; complaint about treatment by staff at Motor Vehicle office; protests high fees for registering a vehicle; information about AAA's driver re- 
179  0093CL-023  Motor Vehicles  August 1987  Infraction notice sent to wrong person; complaints about errors made by the Department; problems with Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator examinations; wants suspended license back; suggest design chang 
179  0093CL-024  Motor Vehicles  September 1987  Question about local approval of repair shops and dealerships; complaint about long response time from Department; complaint about high cost of repairs; wants suspended license back; opposes increase 
179  0093CL-025  Motor Vehicles  October 1987  Protests suspension of license; complaint about operations of Department; National Transportation Safety Board approves state's policy and procedures on screening potential school bus drivers; protest 
179  0093CL-026  Motor Vehicles  November-December 1987  Want refund of registrations; complaints about repair shop and dealer; protest suspension of license; Motor Carrier Advisory Committee meeting notice; complaints about rude staff and Department operat 
179  0093CL-027  Motor Vehicles--Drunk Driving  1987  Concerns about drunk driving; Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) thank Governor for his support; accounts of accidents involving drunk drivers; MADD protest sentence given drunk driver; request str 
179  0093CL-028  Motor Vehicles--Emissions  1987  In favor and opposed to emissions testing; complaints about testing program. 
179  0093CL-029  Motor Vehicles--[Reports]  January-October 1987   
180  0093CL-030  Motor Vehicles--[Reports]  November-December 1987   
180  0093CL-031  Motor Vehicles  January-February 1988  Problems with registering a vehicle; protest license suspension; complaint about state car registered to Motor Vehicles; want registration refunded; concern about highway safety, want motor vehicle la 
180  0093CL-032  Motor Vehicles  March-April 1988  Complaints about rude staff; protests license renewal fees; problem of out-of-state registrations; requests information about No-Fault Insurance; problem getting motorcycle registered; angry about sud 
180  0093CL-033  Motor Vehicles  May-June 1988  Employee protests proposed changes in Motor Vehicle office hours; frustrated with Department delays; problem registering vehicle; protest license suspensions; student supports seat belts on school bus 
180  0093CL-034  Motor Vehicles  July 1988  Wants hit and run driver arrested; frustrated with long lines at Motor Vehicle offices; problem getting driver's license; request for information on license plates; suggests mandatory driving tests fo 
180  0093CL-035  Motor Vehicles  August-September 1988  Question about emissions testing; suggests mandatory driving tests for senior citizens; questions why trucks do not have emissions tests; angry about Department operations; suggested design, and samp 
180  0093CL-036  Motor Vehicles  October 1988  Protests suspension of driver's license; traffic tickets issued to wrong person; try to pay traffic fine to Governor; auditors report; wants part time job at Department after retirement; suggests new 
180  0093CL-037  Motor Vehicles  November-December 1988  Requests registration refund; concern about speeding; commendation of Department staff; concern for highway safety; problem with property taxes; many car owners violating emissions testing regulation 
180  0093CL-038  Motor Vehicles--[Bi-weekly Reports]  January-March 1988  Includes supporting material. 
181  0093CL-039  Motor Vehicles--[Bi-weekly Reports]  April-May 1988  Includes supporting material. 
181  0093CL-040  Motor Vehicles--[Bi-weekly Reports]  June-July 1988  Includes supporting material. 
181  0093CL-041  Motor Vehicles--[Bi-weekly Reports]  December 1988  Includes supporting material. 
181  0093CL-042  Motor Vehicles--Drunk Driving  March-June 1988  Concerned that administrative per se license suspension bill was not in Governor's legislative package; urge support of administrative per se; wants suspended license back; accounts of fatal accidents 
181  0093CL-043  Motor Vehicles--Drunk Driving  July-December 1988  Accounts of fatal accidents involving drunk drivers; petition for immediate review of the state's drunk driving laws and their enforcement; wants suspended license back; request stricter drunk driving 
181  0093CL-044  Motor Vehicles--[Memos to/from Commissioner]  1988  Minutes of meeting of Motor Carrier Advisory Committee; National Safety Council statistics on motor vehicle deaths; responses to audit reports; describes discipline meted out to employees who particip 
181  0093CL-045  Motor Vehicles--[Reorganization] Adjudication/Dealers  1988  Reports on the reorganization of the Department and formalized written procedures and policies of the Adjudication Unit and Dealers and Repairers Division. 
181  0093CL-046  Motor Vehicles  January 1989  Objects to punishing employees for the check kiting scheme of former Deputy Director O'Dea; questions about insurance identification cards, tinted glass, registrations; fifteen year olds should be eli 
182  0093CL-047  Motor Vehicles  February-March 1989  Opposes safety inspections; need to enforce handicapped parking laws; suggests mandatory driving tests for senior citizens; complaint against car dealer; want to clear driving records; frustrated by 
182  0093CL-048  Motor Vehicles  April 1989  Problems passing driving test; problems getting special license plate; complaint about Department operations; report of abandoned vehicle; suggests a more active organ donor program; better enforcemen 
182  0093CL-049  Motor Vehicles  May 1989  Wants to apply lemon law to vehicle purchased in New Hampshire; complaint about Department operations; many car owners violating emissions testing regulations; student suggests change to emissions te 
182  0093CL-050  Motor Vehicles  June-July 1989  Complaints about Department operations; praise for Department staff; task force formed to explore mandates of the administrative per se law; question about emissions testing program; out-of-state vehi 
182  0093CL-051  Motor Vehicles  August 1989  Complaints about extortion by towing company; request special license plates for members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart; fraudulent use of Governor's letter as an endorsement for a product; 
182  0093CL-052  Motor Vehicles  September 1989  Problem obtaining title for car; need to enforce seat belt law; problem registering vehicle; complaint against car dealer; many car owners violating emissions testing regulations; concern about highw 
182  0093CL-053  Motor Vehicles  October 1989  Protests speeding ticket; report of Department employee who is an uninsured motorist; complaint about long lines at Motor Vehicle office; approves of emissions testing; complaints about Department ope 
182  0093CL-054  Motor Vehicles  November 1989  Need to enforce handicapped parking laws; suggests special license plate for Purple Heart recipients; complaint about Department operations; problems obtaining payment for damage to vehicle; complaint 
182  0093CL-055  Motor Vehicles  December 1989  Wants driver's license returned; requests registration refund; request for sample license plate; complaint about emission inspection and behavior of testing staff. 
182  0093CL-056  Motor Vehicles--[Drunk Driving]  1989  Urge Governor to pass stricter drunk driving laws; suggests special driver's license for drinkers. 
182  0093CL-057  DMV [Motor Vehicles]  January-February 1990  Need additional van pools; protests license suspension; requests sample license plate; complaints about rude staff; report of identity theft; objects to taxes assessed on classic automobile; complaint 
182  0093CL-058  DMV [Motor Vehicles]  March 1990  Problem passing emissions test; concern about danger posed by senior drivers; question about obtaining personal information from Department; wants to keep unregistered vehicle; complaint about Departm 
183  0093CL-059  DMV [Motor Vehicles]  April 1990  Requests copy of the Governor's license plate; proposed amendment to the stolen license plate law; question about reciprocity of the handicapped parking permits; objects to extension of time for distr 
183  0093CL-060  DMV [Motor Vehicles]  May-June 1990  Question about six month emissions sticker; students make suggestions for safer vehicles and stricter laws and ask Governor questions about Motor Vehicle laws; praise for Department staff; complaints 
183  0093CL-061  DMV [Motor Vehicles]  July-August 1990  Concern about impact of uninsured motorists on insurance premiums; Congressman Chris Shays thanks Governor for expression of support for the Clean Air Act; angry that special license plate 1 is recall 
183  0093CL-062  DMV [Motor Vehicles]  September-December 1990  Requests immediate inspection of Greyhound Lines, Inc.; questions why trucks not subject to emissions testing; suggests new license plate design; suggests new design for driver's license; requests reg 
184  0093CL-063  [Motor Vehicles]--Drunk Driving  1990  Requests change in sentencing for drunk driving; suggestions for addressing problem of drunk driving. 
184  0093CL-064  DMV [Motor Vehicles--Memos to/from] Commissioner  1990  Responses to audit reports; information about reviving the Motor Carrier Advisory Committee; July monthly report; Student Transportation Safety Commission report. 
184  0093CL-065  [Motor Vehicles]  1991  Request for information concerning a fatal accident.