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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Personnel

Subseries ID: 001CL-0098

Subseries is: 001CL-0098
Folder is: Personnel
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
196  0098CL-001  Personnel, A-K  1981  Seek state employment; finding of no violation of statutes or regulations in person's layoff; need help finding job; state employees seek transfer to another agency or division; question concerning re 
196  0098CL-002  Personnel, M-Z  1981  Seek state employment; need help finding job; complaint about rude staff at Division; individual wants to appeal denial to the state trooper trainee program; fearful of losing job; state employee seek 
196  0098CL-003  Personnel, A-K  1982  Seek state employment; concern over salaries and working conditions for nurses; alleged discrimination in hiring and promotion practices; wants job back after being fired; need help finding job; compl 
196  0098CL-004  Personnel, L-R  1982  Seek state employment; feels husband improperly laid off from private job; allegation of discrimination against reporters employed by Department of Motor Vehicles; problem scheduling exam; requests jo 
197  0098CL-005  Personnel, S-Z  1982  Seek state employment; state employee seeks transfer to another agency; allegation of harassment; contests being denied promotion; retired teachers seek favorable retirement package. 
197  0098CL-006  Personnel--Resumes A-F  1982   
197  0098CL-007  Personnel--Resumes G-Z  1982   
197  0098CL-008  Personnel--[Service Anniversaries]  1983  Governor congratulates employees for 25 years of state service; congratulations to police chief for 20 years of service and police officers for 26 years. 
197  0098CL-009  Personnel, A-H  1987  Seek state employment; seeks appointment to task force; need help finding job; contest being denied state job; question concerning retirement eligibility; wants current position reclassified; concern 
197  0098CL-010  Personnel, J-Z  1987  Seek state employment; contests being denied state job; need help finding job; seeks appointment to government position; questions state hiring practices; grievance filed against supervisor; allegatio 
197  0098CL-011  Personnel--Miscellaneous  1987  Concern about redesign of classification structure of Administrative Secretaries; question concerning hiring relatives within the same state agency; question regarding grievance procedures; pharmacist 
197  0098CL-012  Personnel, A-D  1988  Pharmacists oppose plan for state employees to purchase prescriptions by mail; seek state employment; questions state hiring practices; needs help finding a job; question concerning determination of s 
197  0098CL-013  Personnel, E-H  1988  Student seeks summer employment; complaint about delay in receiving retirement check; seek state employment; questions about and problem with examinations; request federal employment. 
198  0098CL-014  Personnel, J-L  1988  Seek state employment. 
198  0098CL-015  Personnel, M-Z  1988  Seek state employment; appeal rejection for taking state exam; contests being denied state job; questions state hiring practices; disabled persons needs help finding employment; individual over 40 ha 
198  0098CL-016  Personnel--[Memos to/from Director]  1988  Information concerning shared leave and leave bank programs; Director interested in establishing Governor's Management Internships for Minorities and Women; list of management development courses from 
198  0098CL-017  Personnel, A-Z  1989  Requests reinstatement after leave of absence from state employment; seek state employment; alleged discrimination by supervisor; protest possibility that Fort Griswold's manager could lose his job; d 
198  0098CL-018  Personnel, A-Z  1990  Seek state employment; alleged discrimination by supervisor; needs help finding employment; protest rejection of application for examination; notice of summer intern in Governor's office and letter of 
198  0098CL-019  Personnel--[Memos to/from Director]  1990  Notice of College Festival for state employees.