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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Public Safety

Subseries ID: 001CL-0103

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1980103CL-001Public SafetyJanuary-June 1981Contest speeding tickets; complaints of rude treatment by state police; unable to make report of potentially dangerous situation; concern about traffic safety; request reduced speed limit for tractor-
1990103CL-002Public SafetyJuly-August 1981Florida Governor Bob Graham asks O'Neill to support federal legislation directed at illicit drug trade; complaint about staff inspecting elevators; information about safety codes; police need emergenc
1990103CL-003Public SafetySeptember-October 1981State should ensure safety of vehicles parked in commuter lots; concern about speed of tractor-trailer trucks; report on fleet reduction for General Assembly Appropriations Committee; contest speeding
1990103CL-004Public SafetyNovember-December 1981Contest speeding tickets; suggests reducing highway speed limit; contests traffic ticket; inspection of Mystic Oral School; contests law concerning elevator operation during fires; complaint about tra
1990103CL-005Public Safety--Bi-weekly Reports1981
1990103CL-006Public Safety--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1981Report on investigation of fire at State Capitol Building; Commissioner Forst's assessment of the Department; response to audit report; commendations for State Police; Commissioner's statement before
1990103CL-007Public SafetyJanuary-February 1982Seeking missing family member; contests speeding ticket; repeated reports of harassment; complaint about delay receiving medical examiner's report; police academy deficient in some training facilities
1990103CL-008Public SafetyMarch-April 1982Contests speeding ticket; suggests drunk driving program; complaint of illegal entry by police; allegation of fraud by police officer; concern about widows' benefits; complaint about police treatment
1990103CL-009Public SafetyMay-August 1982Reports of fire code violations; suggest using private detectives to help prevent crime; concern about police standards and training; concern about highway safety; contest speeding tickets; complaint
1990103CL-010Public SafetySeptember-December 1982Suggestion for improving highway safety; opposes high speed police chases; complaints about speeding; contests parking ticket; complaint about private use of police cruisers; complaints about noise fr
1990103CL-011Public Safety--Bi-weekly Reports1982
1990103CL-012Public Safety--[Memos to/from Commissioner]1982U.S. Attorney General seeks nominations for the Young American Medals for Bravery.
2000103CL-013Public Safety--Police Laboratory1982Support Dr. Lee's request for federal funds to retain two positions at the laboratory in the Arson Section.
2000103CL-014Public Safety1983Concern and sorrow over death of police officer; police at construction sites are waste of state money; contests speeding ticket; minutes of Council of Governments of the Central Naugatuck Valley expr
2000103CL-015Public Safety--Bi-weekly Reports1983
2000103CL-016Public Safety1984Question concerning resident trooper program; concern about highway safety; approves purchase of two planes to assist with controlling speeding; need more state police to stop speeding.
2000103CL-017Public Safety1985Critical of speeds state police drive; critical of special weight and safety enforcement for commercial motor vehicles; need to reduce speeding; supports 65 mph speed limit on rural highways; praise f
2000103CL-018Public SafetyJanuary-July 1986Connecticut Building Officials Association and others object to reorganization of the State Fire Marshall's Office; opposes stun guns; Colonel Forst requests legislation making electronic listening d
2000103CL-019Public SafetyAugust-December 1986Critical of state police investigation; union concerned about overtime hours logged by state police; concern about tractor-trailer safety; need for additional state police; report of illegal logging o
2000103CL-020Public Safety--Seat Belts1986Letters in favor and against mandatory seat belt law; agenda for meeting of State Agency Implementation Steering Committee; Governor's remarks at the Saved by the Belt news conference; Post-law Implem
2000103CL-021Public Safety--Speed limit1986Support stringent enforcement of the speed limit; suggestions for reducing speeding; supports 65 mph speed limit on rural highways.
2000103CL-022Public SafetyJanuary-February 1987Supports federal odometer tampering law; question concerning being licensed as private detective; object to metal garage built on state police grounds in Southbury; suggested legislation to reduce dru
2000103CL-023Public SafetyMarch-April 1987Concern about highway safety; oppose high speed chases; report of traffic violation; contest traffic tickets; complaints about treatment by state police; opposes police in unmarked cars; concern about
2010103CL-024Public SafetyMay 1987Contest traffic tickets; report of illegal transportation of hazardous materials; report of domestic violence; complaint about treatment by state police; concern about highway safety; critical of Gove
2010103CL-025Public SafetyJune 1987Complaint about treatment by police; contest traffic tickets; concern about authority of auxiliary police; problem registering automatic weapon; complaint about noise from nearby firing range; report
2010103CL-026Public SafetyJuly 1987Concerns about tractor trailer truck safety; complaints about treatment by police; alleged harassment by police; praise for state police; need to enforce speed limit.
2010103CL-027Public SafetyAugust 1987Suggests State Police Cadet program; complaint about treatment by police; contest traffic tickets; defends John Groppo; report of drug problem in neighborhood; complaints about boating violations; nee
2010103CL-028Public SafetySeptember 1987Contest traffic tickets; complaints about treatment by police; concern about tractor trailer safety; alleged illegal activity at Sheriff's Department; concern that regulation of elevators may be remov
2010103CL-029Public SafetyOctober 1987Complaint about commercial vehicles on Merritt Parkway; not enough state police on highways; contest traffic tickets; praise for state police; recommendations for handling runaways; local fire departm
2010103CL-030Public SafetyNovember-December 1987Concern about tractor trailer safety; complaint about treatment by police; contest traffic tickets; complaint about local police; building professionals developing test methods to measure toxicity lev
2010103CL-031Public Safety--Bi-weekly Reports1987
2010103CL-032Public Safety--Speed Limit1987Letters in favor of and against raising the speed limit to 65 mph on rural highways; general complaints that speed limits are too low.
2020103CL-033Public Safety--Seat Belts1987Children request seat belts on school buses; oppose mandatory seat belt law; advertising campaign.
2020103CL-034Public SafetyJanuary-February 1988Contest traffic tickets; commendation to member of capitol police; Position of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police on Firearms Management; urges construction of remaining highway on
2020103CL-035Public SafetyMarch-April 1988Concern about safety of tractor trailer trucks; complaint about lack of investigation into automobile accident; contest traffic tickets; need to cut costs of police services; complaint about treatment
2020103CL-036Public SafetyMay-June 1988Complaints about treatment by police; problems with building and fire codes; contest traffic tickets; need to replace radio communication system for state police; praise for Dr. Henry Lee; praise for
2020103CL-037Public SafetyJuly-August 1988Needs information about death of son; contest traffic tickets; report of drug problem in neighborhood; angry at police closing Catholic Church's fair; need to enforce speed limit; pedestrian safety is
2020103CL-038Public SafetySeptember 1988Complaints about treatment by police; personnel issues; praise for state police; need to enforce speed limit.
2020103CL-039Public SafetyOctober 1988Submits invention for extinguishing forest fires; concern about highway safety; complaint about treatment by police; contest traffic ticket; sees conspiracy against her family; need two troopers per c
2020103CL-040Public SafetyNovember-December 1988Report of malfunctioning elevator; question about access to municipal police training spots; personnel issues; complaints about treatment by police; complaints about sheriff; praise for state police;
2030103CL-041Public Safety--[Bi-monthly Reports]1988
2030103CL-042[Public Safety]--Seat Belts1988Testimony as to effectiveness of seat belts; praise for mandatory seat belt law; information concerning the Gold Belt Award for Public Service in the Field of Safety Belt Law Enforcement.
2030103CL-043[Public Safety]--Speed Limit1988Support raising speed limit to 65 mph.
2030103CL-044Public Safety1990Report on Office of Chief Medical Examiner; protests traffic ticket; response to audit report; bi-monthly report.