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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Public Utility Control

Subseries ID: 001CL-0104

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2030104CL-001PUC [Public Utility Control]January-May 1981Protest reconstruction of power lines under the Connecticut River; information about CONNSAVE, an energy conservation audit program; complaints about telephone service; concern about high cost of ener
2030104CL-002PUC [Public Utility Control]July-December 1981Complaints about PUC denying access to cable television; complaints about water companies; opposes decontrol of natural gas; complaints about high energy costs; complaint about interest a utility pays
2030104CL-003PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsMarch-July 1981Includes memoranda from Office of Civil Preparedness about implementation of P.A. 81-409 regarding nuclear power plants.
2030104CL-004PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsAugust-December 1981Includes memoranda from Office of Civil Preparedness about implementation of P.A. 81-409 regarding nuclear power plants.
2030104CL-005PUC [Public Utility Control]--Flattening RatesJanuary-February 25, 1981Complaints about increase in electric rates due to elimination of discounts applied to high volume residential users.
2030104CL-006PUC [Public Utility Control]--Flattening RatesFebruary 26, 1981Complaints about increase in electric rates due to elimination of discounts applied to high volume residential users.
2030104CL-007PUC [Public Utility Control]--Flattening RatesMarch-May 1981Complaints about increase in electric rates due to elimination of discounts applied to high volume residential users.
2030104CL-008PUC [Public Utility Control]--Lifetime Homes, Inc.1981Ledyard residents protest rate increase by water company.
2030104CL-009PUC [Public Utility Control]--NU [Northeast Utilities]1981Constituents protest request for increase in electric rates; Northeast Utility plans to prevent energy shut off after April 15; business supports NU's request for rate increase; constituent angry that
2040104CL-010PUC [Public Utility Control]--NU [Northeast Utilities]1981Reports to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; explanation of rate restructuring; financial reports; fuel adjustment revenues; applications for administrative proceedings; incident reports from Millst
2040104CL-011PUC [Public Utility Control]--UI [United Illuminating]1981Constituents protest rate increase approved by PUC; Consumer Counsel concerned about UI's ignoring customer needs and upcoming additional request for rate increase.
2040104CL-012PUC [Public Utility Control]--Woodlake Water Co.1981Customers protest 300-500 percent rate increase.
2040104CL-013PUC [Public Utility Control]January-May 1982Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative designated bargaining agent for the state with Power Authority of New York; concern about increase in electric rates; formal complaint against PUC fil
2040104CL-014PUC [Public Utility Control]June-September 1982Protest increased electricity rates; opposes increase in cable television rates; cannot pay electric bill; union concerned about employees affected by merger of Hartford Electric Company and Connectic
2040104CL-015PUC [Public Utility Control]October-December 1982Protest increased utility rates; need additional energy assistance funds; complaint about delay in approving cable franchise for Suffield area; protests elimination of discounts applied to high volume
2040104CL-016PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsJanuary-July 1982
2040104CL-017PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsAugust-December 1982
2040104CL-018PUC [Public Utility Control]--Northeast Utilities1982Protest increase in electric rates and elimination of discounts applied to high volume residential users of electricity; evaluation report of Millstone Nuclear Power Station; financial statements; ob
2040104CL-019PUC [Public Utility Control]1983Protest rate increase for cable service; complaint about delay in approving cable franchise; protest high utility costs, blame PUC; Southern New England Telephone applications to construct and operate
2050104CL-020PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsJanuary-June 1983
2050104CL-021PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsJuly-December 1983
2050104CL-022PUC [Public Utility Control]1984Complaint about PUC management; complaint about long-distance rates and false advertising from Southern New England Telephone; urge Governor to support Seabrook Nuclear Plant in New Hampshire; protest
2050104CL-023PUC [Public Utility Control]1985Northeast Utilities financial reports; questions about ownership of water company; complaints about cable television companies; complaints about high utility rates; Governor thanks Quebec for its help
2050104CL-024PUC [Public Utility Control]1986Question concerning easements for utility access; claims cable company is trespassing; protests installation of water meter; complaints about program changes on cable television; problems with current
2050104CL-025PUC [Public Utility Control]January-March 1987Complaints about slow restoration of power following winter storm; complaints about program changes on cable television; Northeast Utilities financial statements; oppose rate increases on utilities; a
2050104CL-026PUC [Public Utility Control]April-June 1987Public hearing notice; complaint about PUC; complaints and concerns about increased rates for utilities; dispute about water company bill; complaints about telephone rates; complaint about frequent po
2050104CL-027PUC [Public Utility Control]July-September 1987Complaint about water quality; complaint about PUC hearing process; question concerning disparity between interstate and intrastate long distance telephone calls; Appropriations Committee approves the
2060104CL-028PUC [Public Utility Control]October-November 1987Incident reports from Millstone Point and Haddam Neck nuclear power stations; opposes state purchasing electricity from Hydro-Quebec; decision of PUC on application of Southern Connecticut Gas Company
2060104CL-029PUC [Public Utility Control]December 1987Notices, applications and decisions relating to requests by utilities to increase their rates; incident reports from Millstone Point and Haddam Neck nuclear power stations; concern about funding for t
2060104CL-030PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsJanuary-August 1987
2060104CL-031PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly ReportsSeptember-December 1987
2060104CL-032PUC [Public Utility Control]January-March 1988Department study of impact of electric rate billing changes on agriculture; question regarding licensing of heavy trucks; concern about electric power supply during peak periods of demand; question co
2060104CL-033PUC [Public Utility Control]April-August 1988Concern about electric power supply; complaints about utility rates; contest bill; industries request lower electric rates; complaint about telephone repair service; protest new charge for directory a
2060104CL-034PUC [Public Utility Control]September-December 1988Concern about electric power supply; New England Power Pool Rues Task Force Implementation Strategy; cannot pay electric bill; press release concerning heating oil supply; requests explanation of serv
2070104CL-035PUC [Public Utility Control]--Bi-weekly Reports1988
2070104CL-036PUC [Public Utility Control]--Northeast UtilitiesJanuary-April 1988Incident reports from Millstone Point and Haddam Neck nuclear power stations; application for increase in rates; amendment to license to expand Bulls Bridge hydro-electric project; financial statement
2070104CL-037PUC [Public Utility Control]--Northeast UtilitiesMay-September 1988Incident reports from Millstone Point and Haddam Neck nuclear power stations; applications for increase in rates; financial statements.
2070104CL-038PUC [Public Utility Control]--Northeast UtilitiesOctober-December 1988
2070104CL-039PUC [Public Utility Control--Bi-weekly Reports]1990December 15 only.
2070104CL-040PUC [Public Utility Control--Northeast Utilities]1990Federal Energy Regulatory Commission orders hearing in Northeast Utilities takeover of Public Service Company of New Hampshire; application for increase in rates along with supporting documentation.
2070104CL-041PUC [Public Utility Control--Bi-weekly Reports]1991
2070104CL-042PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council1982Hazardous waste siting regulations; reviews of electric utility forecasts of loads and resources; notice of public hearing.
2070104CL-043PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council1983U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's small generator survey.
2070104CL-044PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council1986Oppose locations for cellular phone towers; monthly report.
2070104CL-045PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council1987Application for modification to hazardous waste facility; oppose locations for cellular phone towers; concern about pollution from tire-burning energy plant in Sterling and request for a continuance o
2070104CL-046PUC--Siting Council--[Monthly Reports]1987
2070104CL-047PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting CouncilJanuary-May 1988Oppose locations for cellular phone towers; application for tire-burning facility in Sterling, schedule of hearings; oppose tire-burning facility in Sterling; proposal to change compensation for Counc
2080104CL-048PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting CouncilJune-August 1988Oppose locations for cellular phone towers; application to build electric transmission line; annual report; oppose location of planned substation in designated wetlands; application to build wood-burn
2080104CL-049PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting CouncilSeptember-December 1988Oppose wood-burning electric generation plant in Torrington; opposes location for cellular phone tower;
2080104CL-050PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council--Monthly Reports1988
2080104CL-051PUC [Public Utility Control]--Siting Council--Monthly Reports1989Opposes location of cellular phone towers and questions approval process; monthly reports; oppose wood-burning electric generating facilities in Killingly and Torrington; concerns about two pieces of