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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Treasurer

Subseries ID: 001CL-0129

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2480129CL-001Treasurer1981Threatens legal action if not given broker commission; complaints about administration of Yankee Mac mortgage; federal regulations relating to single family mortgage bonds; opposes Yankee Mac program.
2480129CL-002[Treasurer--Memos to/from] ParkerJanuary-March 1981Civil List Statements of Cash Receipts and Disbursements; monthly debt statements; Parker recommends Thomas Getery for an appointment to the Judiciary.
2480129CL-003[Treasurer--Memos to/from] ParkerApril-July 1981Notice of sale of general obligation bonds; Civil List Statements of Cash Receipts and Disbursements; monthly debt statements; suggestions for saving the state money; Governor authorizes Treasurer to
2480129CL-004[Treasurer--Memos to/from] ParkerAugust-December 1981Civil List Statements of Cash Receipts and Disbursements; monthly debt statements.
2480129CL-005Treasurer1982Complaints about administration of Yankee Mac mortgage; response to audit report; report on success of unclaimed property law; Governor authorizes Treasurer to borrow funds.
2480129CL-006Treasurer--[Civil List Statements]1982
2480129CL-007Treasurer--[Debt Statements]1982
2480129CL-008Treasurer1983Governor designates Treasurer as a representative for approving Connecticut Development Authority industrial development bond issues; responses to audit report; Governor gives permission to borrow fun
2480129CL-009Treasurer--[Civil List Statements]1983
2490129CL-010Treasurer--[Debt Statements]1983
2490129CL-011Treasurer--[Sale of Notes]1983Notices of sale of General Obligation Temporary Notes.
2490129CL-012Treasurer1984Review of investments by the Investment Advisory Council; response to audit report; President's remarks on signing the 1984 Trade Act, H.R> 3398.
2490129CL-013Treasurer1985Maryland legislation concerning investments in companies doing business in South Africa; Governor's Task Force Report on South African Investment Policy; summary report of President's tax proposal on
2490129CL-014Treasurer1986Questions Governor's policy on disinvestment in South Africa; constituent having problems with stocks; information about Equal Opportunity Funds established by Coca-Cola in South Africa; complaints ab
2490129CL-015Treasurer1987Concerns about the state drawing for redeeming state bonds; opposes disinvestment in Northern Ireland; legislative alert against a federal bill requiring state to pay interest to the federal governmen
2490129CL-016Treasurer--Debt Statements1987
2490129CL-017TreasurerJanuary-July 1988Two complaints of unauthorized trading in the account of Connecticut Nutmeg Securities; report on management study of treasury; Governor wants states to buy diesel fuel without paying federal excise t
2490129CL-018TreasurerAugust-December 1988Annual report; Treasurer Borges contacts agency heads regarding the United Way campaign; audit report and responses; claims retirement check was lost; question about state savings bonds; Investment Ad
2490129CL-019Treasurer--[Debt Statements]January-July 1988
2490129CL-020Treasurer--[Debt Statements]August-December 1988
2500129CL-021TreasurerJanuary-May 1989Problem claiming unclaimed property; need to advertise state's College Savings Bonds; proposal to help state manage its investments.
2500129CL-022TreasurerJune 1989Explanation of the origin of the State of Connecticut College Savings Bond program.
2500129CL-023TreasurerJuly-December 1989Audit report; problems claiming unclaimed property; explains why Treasurer did not use services of Hanover Asset Management Corp. or Shields Asset Management, Inc.; response to audit report; informati
2500129CL-024Treasurer--[Debt Statements]1989
2500129CL-025Treasurer--[Debt Statements]October-December 1989
2500129CL-026Treasurer1990Problems and questions about escheat or unclaimed property laws; proposal for Flexible Cost Reduction Program; personnel issues; oppose state investment in Colt Industries; question concerning state s
2500129CL-027Treasurer--[Debt Statements]March-May 1990
2510129CL-028Treasurer--[Debt Statements]June-September 1990
2510129CL-029Treasurer--[Debt Statements]October-November 1990
2510129CL-030Treasurer--[Memos to/from Treasurer]1990Information about the Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday Commission; Clean Water Fund Annual Reports; Governor gives Treasurer authority to borrow money.