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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Howard Rifkin

Subseries ID: 002LC-0002

Subseries is: 002LC-0002
Folder is: Howard Rifkin
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
269  0002LC-001  CARC v. Thorne Longitudinal Study  1988  Results of the Longitudinal Study of CARC v. Thorne Class Members to study of the effects of community placement on previously institutionalized people with mental disabilities. 
269  0002LC-002  Criminal Justice Program Review  1988-1989  Reports on the use of sworn personnel in the Department of Public Service, assessment of Lester Forst's ability to do his job, and Thomas Speers' activities with the State-wide Organized Crime Investi 
269  0002LC-003  UConn Health Center  October 1988  Investigative report by state auditors and the Attorney General's Office of misuse of funds and misconduct by the faculty and the University of Connecticut Foundation. 
269  0002LC-004  UConn Health Center  1988-1989  Governor's statement about the investigation; list of auditors' recommendations; Health Center strategies for addressing misconduct; Health Center Director's statement to the University Board of Trust 
269  0002LC-005  DMR Commissioner  1989  Letter of resignation of Brian Lensink as Commissioner of the Department of Mental Retardation and Governor's response. 
269  0002LC-006  State Police Wire Tap Report--[Background Material]  1989  Standards for Law Enforcement Agencies; excerpt from Department of Public Safety State Police manual excerpt of testimony of Attorney Robert Meyers before the Legislative Program Review and Investigat 
269  0002LC-007  State Police Wire Tap Report--[Correspondence]  1989  Memoranda reporting delivery of tape recordings from State Police; Governor's statement about allegations of State Police taping phone conversations between suspects and their lawyers; attorneys reque 
269  0002LC-008  State Police Wire Tap Report--[Testimony]  1989  Selected testimony from investigation hearings held by the Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee. 
270  0002LC-009  State Police Wire Tap Report--Municipal Review  1989  Attorney General's questionnaire to determine tape recording practices of municipal police departments; Governor explains need for investigation of municipal departments in letter to City Manager of N 
270  0002LC-010  State Police Wire Tap Report--Newspaper Clippings  1989   
270  0002LC-011  [State Police Wire Tap Report--Case Law]  1989  Chief State's Attorney memo to Chiefs of Police concerning the case State v. Stoddard in regards to police taping procedures; references to federal cases; field reports; documents and case law to be d 
270  0002LC-012  [State Police Wire Tap Report]--Budget Information  1987-1989  Copies of budget requests by State Police for recording equipment; State Police request to keep tape recordings 18 months instead of 60 days. 
270  0002LC-013  [State Police Wire Tap Report]--DPUC tariff  1989  Department of Public Utility Control tariff agreement with Southern New England Telephone Company including regulations covering recording conversations; notes on FCC exchange tariff. 
270  0002LC-014  [State Police Wire Tap Report]--U.S. Attorney Investigation  1989  Subpoena to Lester Forst to testify before the grand jury; Chief State's Attorney offers to turn over tapes to FBI; Statement of Governor O'Neill's Review Team of State Police Taping Practices; inform 
270  0002LC-015  State Police Wire Tap Report--Criminal Defense Lawyers v Forst  November 1989  Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association bring suit against Lester J. Forst and State Police officers; summons for Lt. Robert O'Shaughnessy; proposed preliminary injunction. 
270  0002LC-016  State Police Wire Tap Report--[Rifkin's Notes]  [1989]  Notes concerning goals of investigation team; names and phone numbers. 
270  0002LC-017  State Police Wire Tap Report--[Rifkin's Binder]  1989  Three-ring binder of material on the case, including analysis, state and federal statutes, case law, prior Office of Legislative Research reports. [Binder removed and disposed of.] 
270  0002LC-018  State Police Wire Tap Report--Preliminary Drafts  November 1989  Preliminary Historical Report on Troop Recorders; outline for report; draft of Section III on legal implications of wiretapping; executive summary; Chief State's Attorney comments regarding draft sect 
270  0002LC-019  State Police Wire Tap Report--Draft I  November 1989   
270  0002LC-020  State Police Wire Tap Report--Draft III  November 27, 1989   
270  0002LC-021  State Police Wire Tap Report--Draft November 28  November 28, 1989   
271  0002LC-022  State Police Wire Tap Report--Final Report  November 29, 1989  Report of the Governor's Committee to Review State Police and Municipal Police Department Tape Recording Practices and Policies. 
271  0002LC-023  State Police Wire Tap Report--Supplemental Report  December 21, 1989  Municipal responses to questionnaire. 
271  0002LC-024  Sullivan, Bernard  November 1989  Lester Forst's letter of retirement; Governor's letter appointing Bernard Sullivan Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety effective November 12, 1989. 
271  0002LC-025  Tornado  July 1989  Governor's declaration of emergency; request to President for emergency declaration; damage assessments, Governor's schedule; press releases; statutes; names, addresses and phone numbers of town offic 
271  0002LC-026  1990 Special Session  May-June 1990  Agency heads discuss issues needing to be addressed in session; drafts of Governor's resolution to call special session to address a bond issue for transportation purposes; counsel's notes; legislator 
272  0002LC-027  Prison Overcrowding  April -May 1988  Opposition to location of correctional facility in Newtown; background information on the need for additional prison space; Rifkin invited to discuss the problem of the state's rising retrial incarcer 
272  0002LC-028  Special Session  1988  Secretary of the State's call for and Governor's proclamation to convene a special legislative session.