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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: David McQuade

Subseries ID: 003AA-0002

Subseries is: 003AA-0002
Folder is: David McQuade
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
278  0002AA-001  Emissions Program  1978, 1980  Copy of pages from the Journal of the House, May 1, 1978; contract between the state and Hamilton Test Systems, Inc. for establishing and operating motor vehicle inspection program facilities. 
278  0002AA-002  Emissions Program  1984  Information on federal sanctions if Connecticut stops emissions inspections; state Senator Robertson concerned about reliability of emissions test; draft white paper and letter to Governor in response 
278  0002AA-003  Emissions Program  January-February 1985  Michigan alternative to inspection/maintenance program; contract with Hamilton Test Systems is up for renewal; Environmental Protection Commissioner Pac's statement in favor of the inspection program; 
278  0002AA-004  Emissions Program  March, August-October 198  Newspaper articles; state Council on Environmental Quality and Department of Health Services support continuation of emissions testing; review and comment on General Accounting Office report; transcri 
278  0002AA-005  Emissions Program  1986-1987  Correspondence concerning effectiveness of Connecticut's emissions program; tune-up survey of vehicle inspection stations; evidence against exempting newer vehicles from emissions tests. 
278  0002AA-006  Potable Water  1984-1985  List of contaminated wills with no responsible party identified; Governor thanks individuals for their efforts in providing a solution for water contamination in Connecticut; review of An Act Concerni 
278  0002AA-007  Potable Water  1985  Proposed Bill 5834, An Act Concerning Water Pollution Abatement Orders; proposed bill 5031, 5033 and 5836 to authorize loans and grants to municipalities and individuals with contaminated wells; repor 
278  0002AA-008  Potable Water--EDB  June-October 1984  Analysis of proposal to fund statewide Pesticide Collection Program; studies of different pesticides; summary of Connecticut law related to the contamination of public and private water supplies by ha 
278  0002AA-009  Potable Water--EDB  November 1984-May 1985, 1  Newspaper articles; summary of Water Supply Program; EDB emergency regulation; Governor's response to complaint about contaminated water; letter accompanying publication Protecting Connecticut's Groun 
279  0002AA-010  Potable Water  1984-1985  Somers EDB Contamination Info Package; Governor thanks Peter Buddington for his presentation to legislators; constituents write to Governor concerned about the safety of their water, Governor describe 
279  0002AA-011  Potable Water--EDB  n.d.  Statement of EDB contamination problem; testimony of David McQuade before the Environment Committee in support of H.B. 7457; briefing paper about groundwater contamination; Department of Health Servic 
279  0002AA-012  Governor's Commission on Equity and Excellence in Education  January-July 1984  Letters, invitations, resumes, and memoranda concerning formation of the Commission. 
279  0002AA-013  Governor's Commission on Equity and Excellence in Education  January-September 1984  Reports on educational quality; appeal to Governor to support proposal to create technology center in New Haven; results of study by the Connecticut Education Association concerning education in the s 
279  0002AA-014  Governor's Commission on Equity and Excellence in Education  October 1984-July 1985  Governor thanks businesses for support; Governor thanks individuals for testifying before Commission; report of Commission meeting; letter of agreement between the Institute for Social Inquiry and the 
279  0002AA-015  Governor's Commission on Equity and Excellence in Education  1985  Photographs of Teacher of the Year award presentation, and dignitaries at a news conference concerning the Commission. In the second photograph of the news conference are, left to right, Lynn Allen B 
279  0002AA-016  Governor's Task Force on Student Financial Aid  September 1985-February 1  Higher Education Capital Budget Request; Recommended Higher Education Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 1987; annual report of the Connecticut Student Loan Foundation; newsletter of the American Counci 
279  0002AA-017  Governor's Task Force on Student Financial Aid  March-June 1986  Press releases; Governor's proposal to create a Student Financial Aid Task Force; review of Governor's proposal; newsletter from Board of Governors for Higher Education; criticism of Board Chairman Lo 
279  0002AA-018  Governor's Task Force on Student Financial Aid  July-December 1986  Proposed budget for Task Force; staff report from Task Force; newspaper articles; draft of Governor's comments to UConn students and their parents on September 3; press release; meeting schedules and 
280  0002AA-019  Governor's Task Force on Student Financial Aid  n.d.  Graph of total guaranteed student loans made through Connecticut Student Loan Foundation; components of study; goals of Task Force; strategic plan; Comparisons of Per Capita Appropriations for Student 
280  0002AA-020  Governor's Task Force on Student Financial Aid  April-June 1986  Notes, resumes, and letters recommending or requesting to serve on the Task Force. 
280  0002AA-021  Education Enhancement Act  February-April 1986  Analysis of Governor's Plan for Equity and Excellence in Education; financial analysis of Governor's proposals to raise teachers salaries; Department of Education goals; concerns about provisions of S 
280  0002AA-022  Education Enhancement Act  May-October 1986  Paid political advertisement from newspaper; principles to be followed in drafting legislation; legislative calendar; Governor's letter to legislative leaders informing them of his intention to call s 
280  0002AA-023  Education Enhancement Act  1986  McQuade's notes; Problems with Republican Education Bill; financial information; background information and reports; drafts of bills and amendments. 
280  0002AA-024  Agent Orange  June 1986  Programmatic and financial audit of Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Victims, Inc., with attachments; decision to end state funding. 
280  0002AA-025  Westport Truck Weigh Station  August 1986-February 1987  Letters and petitions opposed to locating truck weigh station in Westport; McQuade's notes; political summary of Westport; copy of report from Public Safety Commissioner Forst concerning highway safet 
280  0002AA-026  Westport Truck Weigh Station  1986  Copies of letters residents sent to Westport First Selectwoman Hauhuth expressing opposition to weigh station. 
280  0002AA-027  Westport Truck Weigh Station  1986  Newspaper clippings. 
280  0002AA-028  Westport Truck Weigh Station  1986  Newspaper articles provided by clipping service. 
281  0002AA-029  Iroquois Pipeline  October 1986-January 1987  Information packet for first meeting of the Gas Pipeline Citizens Monitoring Group; draft agenda for first meeting with McQuade's notes; Governor's remarks; Secretary Milano's remarks; information con 
281  0002AA-030  Iroquois Pipeline  February 1987  Report from QED Research on The Economic Impact of the Iroquois Pipeline on Connecticut; state's comments on the scope of the draft environmental impact statement, part of the application of the Iroqu 
281  0002AA-031  Iroquois Pipeline  March 1987-July 1988  Partial agendas for Iroquois Pipeline meetings; Energy Division of the Office of Policy and Management reports on activities in relation to the pipeline; press release announcing proposed shorter pipe 
281  0002AA-032  Iroquois Pipeline  1986-1988  Newspaper articles. 
281  0002AA-033  Iroquois Pipeline--Marilynn Cruz-Aponte's Files  July-August 1986  Information packet from Iroquois Gas Transmission System; notes on phone messages; copy of invitational letter to state agencies to discuss Iroquois proposal; list of meeting attendees; letters opposi 
281  0002AA-034  Iroquois Pipeline--Marilynn Cruz-Aponte's Files  September-October 1986  Iroquois' Notice of Intent to Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement; copies of requests for proposal and list of consultants; list of areas of concern about proposal; notes; analysis of Depar 
281  0002AA-035  Iroquois Pipeline--Marilynn Cruz-Aponte's Files  1986  Newspaper clippings. 
281  0002AA-036  Iroquois Pipeline--Citizens Monitoring Group  September-October 9, 1986  Copy of Notice of Intent to Prepare Draft Environmental Impact Statement; Natural Gas Perspective and Potential Benefits of Iroquois Proposal; Senator Weicker's efforts to ensure Connecticut concerns 
281  0002AA-037  Iroquois Pipeline--Citizens Monitoring Group  October 10-December 1986  Press release; newspaper articles; statements by state agencies regarding the pipeline; membership list; FERC notices; Siting Council requests clarification of its jurisdiction from the Attorney Gener 
282  0002AA-038  Stone Street  1986-1988  Petitions, letters appealing for Governor's assistance, information from a previous court case, summary of meeting with McQuade, legal advice to Department of Transportation concerning how to proceed, 
282  0002AA-039  Stone Street--Newspaper Articles  1986   
282  0002AA-040  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  1980-1986  Letter to Governor Grasso concerning repairs to Commandant's residence; press release regarding appointment of new Commandant; legislation passed in 1983 concerning Veterans' Home and Hospital expendi 
282  0002AA-041  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  August-September 1986  Annual report of Veterans' Home and Hospital; FOIA request; amendments to state regulations for the Veterans' Home and Hospital Commission; audit report; McQuade's notes about issues to address; effor 
282  0002AA-042  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  November-December 1986  Attorney General's opinion on questions concerning the extent of the Veterans' Home and Hospital Commission's authority and liability; staffing needs to properly distribute medication; question about 
282  0002AA-043  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  January-March 1987  Proposal for a Commission to Review the Veterans Home and Hospital; suggested topics to study; audit report; final Report on the Review of the Veterans' Home and Hospital by the Connecticut Alcohol an 
282  0002AA-044  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  April-July 1987  Minutes of Subcommittees and of full Commission meetings; status report on progress to implement recommendations of the Task Force; recommendations concerning the newly created Department of Veterans' 
282  0002AA-045  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  August 1987  Notices of meetings; meeting minutes; analysis of the managerial and governance structure of the Veterans' Home and Hospital; notes and report on financial impact of implementing recommendations. 
282  0002AA-046  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  September 1987  Veterans newsletter; meeting agendas and minutes; Subcommittee on Levels of Care Recommendations and Interim Report; notices of meetings; job description for new position; proposed organizational char 
282  0002AA-047  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  October 1987  Meeting agendas and minutes; McQuade's notes; executive summary of findings; draft report; final report; recommendations of the Veterans Administration; minority report; analysis of fiscal impact of 
283  0002AA-048  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  November-December 1987  Records of patient frequently intoxicated; analysis of fiscal implications of the Commission report on Department of Income Maintenance; Interim Action Report of the Governor's Special Task Forces on 
283  0002AA-049  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  1986-1987  Newspaper articles. 
283  0002AA-050  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  1988  Drafts and final copy of McQuade's testimony on Substitute H.B. 5330, An Act Concerning the Organization of the Department of Veterans' Affairs and the Veterans' Home and Hospital; analysis of and cha 
283  0002AA-051  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  1988  Copy of H.B. 5330 with notations; drafts; list of legislation affecting veterans; Department of Veterans' Affairs notice of intent to adopt regulations; Veterans' Home and Hospital Board of Trustees; 
283  0002AA-052  Commission to Study the Veterans' Home and Hospital  1988  Press release about selection of Substance Abuse Treatment Director; Veterans Administration suggests day program; summary data about operation of Hospital and Home; report on hiring process for Subst 
283  0002AA-053  Commission to Study Veterans' Home and Hospital  1989-1990  Progress report; Commandant suggests changes in legislation; audit report; informational booklet about Veterans' Home and Hospital; Vietnam Veterans of America present nominees to serve on Board of Di 
283  0002AA-054  State Health and Welfare Grant  1987  Constituent letters to Governor opposing apparent cuts in funding for special education programs in independent schools. 
283  0002AA-055  State Health and Welfare Grant  1987  Constituent letters, forwarded to Governor from the Southern Office, opposing apparent cuts in funding for special education programs in independent schools. 
283  0002AA-056  Investigation of UConn Health Center  1988  Investigation report by Attorney General's Office and State Auditors; cover document. 
283  0002AA-057  Investigation of UConn Health Center  1986, 1988  Review of allegations of misuse of Foundation funds; list of recommendations; summary of findings; strategies to discipline those involved and prevent misuse in future; UConn President Casteen's month 
284  0002AA-058  Property Tax Relief  September 1988-April 1989  Reports on impact of revaluation on Hartford property taxes; analysis of fiscal impact on state and municipal revenues; agenda for General Assembly's Property Tax Force meeting; McQuade's notes; draft 
284  0002AA-059  Property Tax Relief  1988  Tax and housing statistics. 
284  0002AA-060  Property Tax Relief  1988  Brochure Why State Aid for Property Tax Relief; analysis of provisions of An Act Concerning Municipal Revaluations and Residential Property Relief; information about taxation of computer software; sum 
284  0002AA-061  William Reilly Meeting  March-April 1989  Memoranda, briefing and planning documents for meeting with Environmental Protection Administrator William Reilly April 14, 1989. 
284  0002AA-062  Oil Spill Initiative  1989  Reports on Connecticut's preparedness to respond to oil spill; Governor's speech announcing plans to increase state's capacity to respond to major spill; federal legislation in response to Exxon Valde 
284  0002AA-063  Thomas Commission  May 1989-April 1990  A Commission to study management of state government, headed by DeRoy C. Thomas, President and CEO of ITT Corp. McQuade's notes about commission needs; legislation calling for study of state agency e 
284  0002AA-064  Thomas Commission  May 1988-October 1989  Press release and memo to state agency heads announcing state efficiency study; McQuade notes from meetings; preliminary list of Commission members; Legislative Program Review and Investigations Commi 
284  0002AA-065  Thomas Commission  November 1989  ToucheRoss review of the Bureau of Purchases and general services functions of the Department of Administrative Services. 
284  0002AA-066  Thomas Commission--Reports  November 1989  Fiscal analysis of Iowa Management Study; draft Progress Report to Oversight Committee, Study of the Department of Motor Vehicles; Initial Status Briefing on Connecticut Child Support Enforcement Prog 
284  0002AA-067  Thomas Commission  November 1989-January 199  Directory of State Management and Productivity Improvement Programs; summary of agency studies in progress or planned; profile of agencies proposed for study; press release of Governor's announcement 
284  0002AA-068  Thomas Commission  n.d.  Legal notice of request for proposals; scope of work in organization studies; consulting list; Commission members; bill establishing the Commission; forms. 
285  0002AA-069  Education Summit  August-September 1989  Invitation from President to attend Education Summit; report on State Formula Grant Aid; information for newspaper about Governor's education reform; Summit registration information; correspondence fr 
285  0002AA-070  Education Summit  September 1989  Governor's goal for the summit; information about the summit format and logistics; notice of meeting of National Governors' Association (NGA) Task Force on Waste Management during Summit; NGA activiti 
285  0002AA-071  Education Summit  September-October 1989  Meeting notebook; schedule of events and general information; draft reports of Working Sessions; Connecticut Viewpoint 1989, A Public Policy Research Project; joint statement following summit; NGA fol 
285  0002AA-072  Education Summit  1989  McQuade notes; Department of Education information for an End of the Decade publication; description of O'Neill's education reform initiatives; Higher Education information; drafts of parts or chapter 
285  0002AA-073  Miscellaneous Issues  1984-1989  Department of Income Maintenance responds to request to extend office hours; outline of issues concerning a research park at UConn; program from Rededication of the Chamber of the Connecticut Senate; 
285  0002AA-074  Miscellaneous Issues  1985  Publication, Impact of the President's Proposed Budget Actions on the State of Connecticut Selected Programs.