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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: O'Neill Administration

Subseries ID: 004WO-0002

Subseries is: 004WO-0002
Folder is: O'Neill Administration
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
287  0002WO-001  Washington Office  1981  Congressional action on Unemployment Trust Fund Repayment Program; information for meeting with Congressional delegation. 
287  0002WO-002  Washington Office  1982  Mid-session report on 97th Congress; information about the Training for Jobs Act; legislative update on 97th Congress; draft economic recovery and jobs programs; House Appropriations report on Labor, 
287  0002WO-003  Washington Office  January-May 1983  Legislative Update, 97th Congress; estimate of Fiscal Year 1983 mass transit funds for Connecticut; Social Security amendments; President's budget for Fiscal Year 1984 and preliminary analysis; inform 
287  0002WO-004  Washington Office  June-August 1983  Legislation regarding tandem trailers; notices and updates to Congressional delegation concerning impact of Customs Service consolidation on the state; information about Department on Aging applicatio 
287  0002WO-005  Washington Office  September-December 1983  Information about the Exxon Oil overcharge refunds; information on appropriation issues important to state; funding for Training and Employment Service programs; notice of change to Low-Income Fuel As 
287  0002WO-006  Washington Office  January-July 1984  Notice of consolidation of Bridgeport Customs District; notice of NGA meeting; CONEG policy on Petroleum Overcharge legislation; Senate hearing on tandem trucks and update on legislation; information 
287  0002WO-007  Washington Office  August-December 1984  Update on tandem truck legislation; supplemental appropriations; information concerning funding Long Island Sound study; funding for interstate improvements delayed; updates on Low-Income Home Energy 
287  0002WO-008  Washington Office  January-July 1985  Summaries of fiscal year 1986 budget; update on tandem truck legislation; invitation to Governor to testify on transportation appropriations and information about his testimony; modifications to inter 
287  0002WO-009  Washington Office  August-December 1985  Supplemental federal appropriations; report to Congressional delegation on state drunk driving initiatives; mid-summer report on 99th Congress; information concerning the Northeast Low Level Waste Com 
288  0002WO-010  Washington Office  January-May 1986  Information on Gramm-Rudman-Hollings bill and its impact; mid-session report on 99th Congress; fiscal year 1987 budget analysis; review of the NGA's gas tax turnback policy; decision in Exxon Oil over 
288  0002WO-011  Washington Office  June-July 1986  Connecticut's compliance with the 21 Drinking Age law; Governor encouraged to write the Congressional delegation asking for help in passing highway reauthorization bills; proposed resolution on child 
288  0002WO-012  Washington Office  August-December 1986  Legislative updates; mid-summer report on 99th Congress; information concerning a hearing about wetlands; possible cap on highway trust fund payments to states; update on highway reauthorization bills 
288  0002WO-013  Washington Office  January-March 1987  Fiscal year 1988 budget analysis; fiscal year 1988 budget proposals for transportation; draft of Governor's letter to Congressional delegation urging them to vote for final passage of highway bill; re 
288  0002WO-014  Washington Office  May-June 1987  Information about appropriations for the Environmental Protection Agency's construction grant program; Senate action on airport legislation; reports to Governor and his staff about truck safety hearin 
288  0002WO-015  Washington Office  July-December 1987  Fiscal year 1987 supplemental appropriations; legislative updates; changes in language regarding plant closings in Senate trade bill; urges state agency heads to inform Congressional delegation about 
288  0002WO-016  Washington Office  January-March 1988  NGA policy on mass transit and carpooling; fiscal and revenue overview and analysis of fiscal year 1989 budget; oil overcharge settlement with Texaco; status of mail order sales tax legislation; statu 
288  0002WO-017  Washington Office  April-August 1988  Invitation for Governor to attend an NGA Energy and Environment Committee meeting; notice that Saab-Scania is closing plant in Orange; information about the State and Local River Conservation Act of 1 
288  0002WO-018  Washington Office  September-November 1988  Testimony of Human Resources Commissioner Ginsberg before the Senate Subcommittee on Children, Family, Drugs and Alcoholism; Children's Defense Fund seeks Governor's support of federal legislation co 
288  0002WO-019  Washington Office  1989  Information about long term care legislation; notice of hearings on reforming unemployment compensation; notice of hearings on wetlands and update on wetlands legislation; fiscal year 1989 supplementa 
288  0002WO-020  Washington Office  1990  Information about NGA policies; overview of fiscal year 1991 budget; work plan for Long Island Sound Study; updates on coastal legislation; list of bills introduced and cosponsored by Connecticut Cong 
288  0002WO-021  Washington Office--Incoming Correspondence  1981-1990  Letters to Ann Sullivan from state agency heads and Congressional delegation asking for or providing information and assistance; copies of letters sent to Congressional delegation. 
288  0002WO-022  Washington Office--Photographs  1981  Official photographic portraits of the Governor sent to correspondents when requested, or available for news media. Also includes portrait of Nikki O'Neill and Lieutenant Governor Joseph Fauliso.