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William A. O'Neill:

An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

Subseries Title: Speeches

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2890001PO-001SpeechesDecember 1980-January 7,Inaugural speech on December 31, 1980; State of the State address to General Assembly.
2890001PO-002SpeechesJanuary 8-23, 1981Includes remarks given at Governor's Conference on Excellence in Education.
2890001PO-003SpeechesFebruary 4, 1981Budget message to General Assembly. Includes background material.
2890001PO-004SpeechesFebruary 6-28, 1981Includes Governor's remarks at Connecticut Business Day and the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner. John Dempsey's remarks at the Dinner are also included.
2890001PO-005SpeechesMarch 6-24, 1981Includes luncheon remarks at meeting of Fairfield County business executives and testimony before the U.S. Senate Labor and Human Resource Committee's Subcommittee on Aging, Family and Human Services.
2890001PO-006SpeechesMarch 25, 1981Remarks to participants at the Connecticut Hite House Conference on Aging.
2890001PO-007SpeechesMarch 26, 1981Governor's remarks at a meeting with elected state officials, legislative leaders, and heads of state agencies concerning federal budget cuts and the impact on state budget.
2890001PO-008SpeechesMarch 27-31, 1981
2890001PO-009SpeechesApril 2-14, 1981Includes remarks given at inaugural meeting of the Connecticut Nautilus Committee.
2900001PO-010SpeechesApril 15-29, 1981Remarks to Regional Plan Association, at Connecticut Education Policy Seminar, and at a public hearing by Community Action Agencies concerning federal budget cuts.
2900001PO-011SpeechesMay 1981Includes remarks to the Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, the Connecticut Bar Association, at Southern Connecticut State College's commencement, at a Convocation at UConn Health Center.
2900001PO-012SpeechesJune 1981Includes remarks at closing session of 1981 General Assembly, at the Air Transat 81 event at Sikorsky Airport, to Connecticut Union of Telephone Workers, at the Puerto Rican Parade banquet, and at Ben
2900001PO-013SpeechesJuly 1981Includes background information for a meeting with the Connecticut City and Town Managers Association; testimonial dinner for Lester Forst.
2900001PO-014SpeechesJuly 13, 1981Includes announcement of Pfizer expansion program and of a hydro-electric project.
2900001PO-015SpeechesAugust 1981Remarks at dedication of Ella T. Grasso Turnpike, at inaugural meeting of the Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education and the Economy and at Conrail freight service hearing.
2900001PO-016SpeechesSeptember 9-17, 1981Remarks at Abe Ribicoff Day, and at the annual convention of the Connecticut State Labor Council.
2900001PO-017SpeechesSeptember 20-30, 1981Remarks at sesquicentennial of Wesleyan Convocation, remarks concerning economic development in Connecticut and comments at receptions for him in Paris and Frankfurt.
2900001PO-018SpeechesOctober 1-13, 1981Remarks at luncheon reception at Stuttgart; remarks at London breakfast reception; statement concerning his Europe trip; and remarks at Budget Forum in Bridgeport.
2910001PO-019SpeechesOctober 14-22, 1981Remarks at Annual Housing Conference where O'Neill announces his three-point housing program; remarks to the Southwestern Area Commerce and Industry Association.
2910001PO-020SpeechesOctober 27-30, 1981Remarks at the First Annual Conference on Tourism, at the Annual State Convention of the NAACP, and at the groundbreaking for Ella Grasso Hall at Western Connecticut State College.
2910001PO-021SpeechesNovember 3-12, 1981Dialogue and discussion with South African Ecumenical Delegation, including the Governor's statement on divestiture; remarks at groundbreaking for Quinebaug Community College in Danielson; Commissioni
2910001PO-022SpeechesNovember 16-18, 1981Remarks at opening ceremony, Windham Energy Recovery Facility, and at Somalia Awareness Week ceremony; remarks to Task Force on Racial Harmony, to Conference on Traffic Accidents in Connecticut: Contr
2910001PO-023SpeechesNovember 19, 1981Remarks at the opening of a Special Session of the General Assembly to address the state deficit. Supporting materials include budget figures, notes from an earlier speech on the budget, and Governor
2910001PO-024SpeechesNovember 19-29, 1981Text of speeches given by Lieutenant Governor Fauliso on behalf of Governor to Connecticut White House Conference on Children and Youth, to the Christian Conference of Connecticut, and at a dinner mee
2910001PO-025SpeechesDecember 1981Message to Democratic State Central Committee; signing of memorandum of understanding on the USS Nautilus; remarks to organizational meeting of Consumer Cooperative Task Force delivered by Lieutenant
2910001PO-026SpeechesJanuary 4-February 17, 19Includes remarks at release of Connecticut Heritage Task Force Report; Nikki's remarks to a meeting of the Hartford Association of Insurance Women.
2910001PO-027SpeechesFebruary 3, 1982Budget message to the General Assembly.
2910001PO-028SpeechesMarch 3-11, 1982Remarks at Treasurer's Conference on Municipal Finance, at press conference at Governor's residence, and at press conference about the preliminary report of the Task Force on Racial Harmony.
2920001PO-029SpeechesMarch 18-31, 1981Includes remarks at the Connecticut Coalition on Aging's 9th Annual Legislative Forum, at a summit conference on black elderly, at dedication of Knights of Columbus museum, and at Connecticut Crime Pr
2920001PO-030SpeechesApril 1-16, 1982Remarks at Municipal Finance Forum, at political fundraising events, at the formal opening for the west-side campus of Western Connecticut State College, and at dedication of the New Britain National
2920001PO-031SpeechesApril 17-30, 1982Remarks at United Transportation Union dinner, at a hearing by Connecticut members of the New England Congressional Caucus on acid rain, and at the annual state convention of the Parent Teacher Associ
2920001PO-032SpeechesMay 5-18, 1982Remarks at closing session of 1982 General Assembly and at several awards dinners.
2920001PO-033SpeechesMay 19-27, 1982Remarks at Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, at caucus of Connecticut Democrats, at a Conference on Creative Economic Development for the 80s, and at several groundbreaking events.
2920001PO-034SpeechesJune 1-7, 1982Remarks at ceremony marking the takeover of Connecticut rail lines by Boston and Maine, at public or elderly housing dedication ceremonies, at groundbreaking ceremonies for expanding or new businesses
2920001PO-035SpeechesJune 12-28, 1982Announcement of First Annual Governor's Military Review and Open House at Camp O'Neill; testimony before General Assembly's Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding concerning flood relief; remarks a
2930001PO-036SpeechesJuly1-9, 1982Remarks at a rally to support Equal Rights Amendment, at a conference of National Association of Black Ministers' Wives and Widows, at several groundbreaking ceremonies for housing projects, and at th
2930001PO-037SpeechesJuly12-31, 1982Remarks at the dedication of the State Police complex in Meriden in honor of Commissioner Leo J. Mulcahy, comments at several anniversary celebrations, and remarks upon the ceremony marking the comple
2930001PO-038SpeechesAugust 1982Remarks at the Centennial Convention of the Knights of Columbus, at several groundbreaking ceremonies, and at a hearing of the House Government Operations Subcommittee on the Environment, Energy and N
2930001PO-039SpeechesSeptember 1-10, 1982Remarks at the ribbon cutting to begin building additional prison facilities in Enfield, at the dedication of moderate housing units, new or expanded businesses and a school, and at the Second Annual
2930001PO-040SpeechesSeptember 11-22, 1982Testimony before the Senate Committee on Government Affairs, Subcommittee on Energy; announcement of program for neighborhood rehabilitation; dedication of additions at Cheshire Correctional Instituti
2930001PO-041SpeechesSeptember 23, 1982Background material, press release and speech outlining Governor's proposal of a high technology strategy for the state.
2930001PO-042SpeechesSeptember 24-30, 1982Briefing of state Bond Commission on progress of Bradley Field Modernization Program.
2930001PO-043SpeechesOctober 1-13, 1982Remarks at dedication of housing complex, at the first meeting of the Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority, at the Connecticut Council of Senior Citizens, at a Columbus Day dinner,
2940001PO-044SpeechesOctober 14-18, 1982Remarks at the Governor's Youth Action Conference, and at groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies for elderly housing complexes; Governor outlines four-phase housing program.
2940001PO-045SpeechesOctober 19-30, 1982Announcement of joint venture between Hamilton Standard and UConn; remarks at dedication ceremonies for elderly housing complexes; remarks at flood management workshop; remarks to Connecticut Youth Se
2940001PO-046SpeechesNovember 6-December 17, 1Remarks at the Connecticut Social Welfare Conference; remarks at special event dinners; remarks at the New England Governors' Conference.
2940001PO-047SpeechesJanuary 4, 1983Letter to agency heads instructing them to implement spending restrictions.
2940001PO-048SpeechesJanuary 5, 1983Inaugural speech.
2940001PO-049SpeechesJanuary 11-27, 1983Media briefing on Connecticut's Comprehensive Nuclear Emergency Management Plans; remarks at Export Trading Companies Conference; remarks at Labor-Management Forum.
2940001PO-050SpeechesJanuary 25, 1983Announces successful completion of Connecticut's Negotiated Investment Strategy experiment and signing of agreement.
2940001PO-051SpeechesFebruary 1983Remarks at inaugural meeting of the High Technology Council, at Connecticut Business Day luncheon, and at the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner.
2940001PO-052SpeechesJanuary-February 1983Financial reports and budget materials to prepare Governor's budget message.
2940001PO-053SpeechesFebruary 9, 1983Budget message.
2950001PO-054SpeechesMarch 7-21, 1983Announcement about implementation of program budgeting; announcement of Waterbury Technical College and Timex joint technology project; information on report of the Task Force on Racial Harmony; remar
2950001PO-055SpeechesMarch 22-31, 1983Remarks at Stamford Citizen of the Year award dinner, at a meeting of the Connecticut Association of Urban Superintendents, to the Municipal Finance Forum.
2950001PO-056SpeechesApril 9-15, 1983Remarks at awards dinners; testimony before the Senate Committee on Labor, Health and Human Services.
2950001PO-057SpeechesApril 19-23, 1983Remarks at swearing in of Board of Governors for Higher Education; briefing about the Jobs Act; remarks at Heart Association fundraising event.
2950001PO-058SpeechesMay 2-9, 1983Remarks at groundbreaking for Stanley Works new world headquarters, at a meeting of the Connecticut Expenditure Council, at the convention of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, at the inaug
2950001PO-059SpeechesMay 10-31, 1983Remarks at the unveiling of Governor Grasso's portrait, at the inaugural meeting of the State Job Training Coordinating Council, at a Young Democrats dinner, and at the University of Hartford Convocat
2950001PO-060SpeechesJune 1-10, 1983Commencement address at Middlesex Community College, remarks at Nathan Hale Day ceremony, closing session of the 1983 General Assembly.
2950001PO-061SpeechesJune 13-26, 1983Remarks at opening of Special Olympics, at a meeting of the Nautilus Committee, and at the Annual Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers.
2960001PO-062SpeechesJuly 2-28, 1983Remarks at the New England Congressional Caucus Field Hearing on Job Training and Retraining, at the Eastern Regional Conference of the Council of State Governments, and at lease signing ceremony at t
2960001PO-063SpeechesJuly 15, 1983Testimony before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on infrastructure.
2960001PO-064SpeechesAugust 1983Remarks at the groundbreaking for the Hartford Criminal Court complex, to welcome members of the Taiwan Goodwill Mission, at the groundbreaking ceremony for phase one of the Bradley International Airp
2960001PO-065SpeechesSeptember 1-22, 1983Remarks at visits to companies, at the inauguration of Older Americans Day, and at the luncheon marking the groundbreaking of the New London Courthouse addition.
2960001PO-066SpeechesSeptember 23-30, 1983Remarks at RID banquet where Governor receives award, at the dedication of the Ribicoff research facilities of the Connecticut Mental Health Center, and at the Senior Center Directors' Conference.
2960001PO-067SpeechesOctober 4-21, 1983Remarks at groundbreaking for Valley of the Destroyed Communities in Jerusalem, at the signing ceremony of the University of Hartford's Construction Institute, at groundbreaking ceremonies for several
2960001PO-068SpeechesOctober 11, 1983Remarks at the opening of a Special Session of the General Assembly.
2960001PO-069SpeechesOctober 22-31, 1983Remarks at the 1983 Annual Housing Conference, at the announcement of Southern New England Telephone Co. gift to Mattatuck Community College, at a briefing on Jobs for Connecticut's Future, and at the
2970001PO-070SpeechesNovember 1-15, 1983Remarks to Connecticut Economic Development Corporation, at a reception marking 208th birthday of U.S. Marine Corps, and at a Connecticut Teachers' Summit on school effectiveness.
2970001PO-071SpeechesNovember 16-29, 1983Remarks at opening of exhibit on Igor Sikorksy, at conference on Operation Opportunity, at the 75th Anniversary Symposium of the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants, at a meeting of pr
2970001PO-072SpeechesDecember 1983Remarks at presentation of Governor's Volunteer Service awards, at the inaugural meeting of the Governor's Task Force on the Homeless, and at building dedications.
2970001PO-073SpeechesJanuary 1-9, 1984Remarks at inauguration of Mayor DiLieto of New Haven; text of introductions to three television spots; remarks to the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information, at dedication ceremonies, and at P
2970001PO-074SpeechesJanuary 20-27, 1984Remarks during Governor's visit to West Point; statement submitted to Join Committee on Public Health, Connecticut General Assembly; remarks at groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies.
2970001PO-075SpeechesJanuary-February 1984Background data gathered to write the Governor's budget address.
2970001PO-076SpeechesJanuary-February 1984Background data gathered to write the Governor's budget address.
2980001PO-077SpeechesFebruary 4-24, 1984Information about Program Budget Kick-Off; remarks in support of Bruce Morrison, candidate for Congress; remarks at Connecticut Business Day luncheon concerning containment of health care costs; remar
2980001PO-078SpeechesFebruary 8, 1984Budget address.
2980001PO-079SpeechesMarch 1984Remarks to New England Congressional Caucus Hearing on Issues in Connecticut Exporting, at Northern Connecticut United State Savings Bonds kickoff luncheon, at the University of Connecticut Second Cen
2980001PO-080SpeechesApril 10, 1984Announcement of further initiatives to encourage development of high technology in Connecticut.
2980001PO-081SpeechesApril 11-29, 1984Remarks at annual meeting of the Regional Plan Association; commencement address at Charter Oak College; comments for Nikki attending a reception for Black Women of Connecticut exhibit.
2980001PO-082SpeechesMay 9-12, 1984Remarks to closing session of 1984 General Assembly, and at dedication of Shore Line Electric Railway Trolley Museum as a National Historic Area.
2980001PO-083SpeechesMay 14-15, 1984Remarks at dedication of Aetna Institute, at World Trade Week dinner, at a presentation of certificates of appreciation to businesses participating in the Adopt-a-School program in Bridgeport, and at
2990001PO-084SpeechesMay 16-24, 1984Remarks at annual meeting of the Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, at the dedication of the Homer Babbidge Library at UConn, and at the dedication of the Prudence Crandall Museum.
2990001PO-085SpeechesMay 30, 1984Keynote address to spring Energy Conference; remarks at annual meeting of the Board of Directors, Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation.
2990001PO-086SpeechesJune 1-7, 1984Remarks before the House Ways and Means Committee Subcommittee on Public Assistance and Unemployment Compensation, at the opening of homeless shelter in Hartford, and at the second annual Convention a
2990001PO-087SpeechesJune 14-21, 1984Remarks at the Charles W. Morgan celebration, Mystic Seaport; remarks at the annual conference of the National Sheriffs' Association, at a dinner meeting of Northwestern Connecticut Better Home Heat C
2990001PO-088SpeechesJune 25-29, 1984Statement by Governor concerning bridge safety inspections; remarks at Region IV Mental Health Board annual dinner, at the annual meeting of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.
2990001PO-089SpeechesJuly 1984Comments to the Democratic State Convention.
3000001PO-090SpeechesAugust 1984Remarks at Connecticut Hazardous Waste Management Service news conference, at groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies, in a salute to Governor J. Joseph Garrahy at Providence College, and at a celebr
3000001PO-091SpeechesSeptember 4-17, 1984Remarks at ribbon-cutting for Waterbury State Technical College, at groundbreaking ceremonies, at the organizational meeting of the Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives, and at an informational lu
3000001PO-092SpeechesSeptember 19-27, 1984Remarks at an informational luncheon on the first series of special tax obligation bonds, at the annual convention of the Connecticut State Labor Council, and at an acid rain conference.
3010001PO-093SpeechesOctober 17-22, 1984Remarks at anniversary dinner of the Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, at Governor's Day at the Rotary Club of Danbury, and at a dinner of the Danbury Association to Advance the Handicapped
3010001PO-094SpeechesOctober 23-25, 1984Background information on the Regional Hospice of Western Connecticut; remarks at the groundbreaking of the State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and at Governor's Day on State Servi
3010001PO-095SpeechesOctober 26-30, 1984Welcoming remarks at the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies and to the Connecticut Arts Awards.
3010001PO-096SpeechesNovember 1984Remarks at Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting, and at the signing ceremony for the Sammy Davis, Jr. Greater Hartford Open.
3010001PO-097SpeechesDecember 1984Remarks at Governor's Conference on HMOs, at the annual Joint Convention of Connecticut Association of Boards of Education and Connecticut Association of School Administrators.
3010001PO-098SpeechesJanuary 9, 1985State of the State address.
3010001PO-099SpeechesJanuary 25-31, 1985Remarks at a seminar in support of elementary and secondary education.
3020001PO-100SpeechesFebruary 1, 1985Statement concerning establishment of special Missing Persons Unit with Division of State Police, and concerning budget initiatives for older Americans.
3020001PO-101SpeechesFebruary 4-7, 1985Remarks to the Connecticut Venture Group; statement about the budget.
3020001PO-102SpeechesFebruary 6, 1985Budget message.
3020001PO-103SpeechesFebruary 20-28, 1985Remarks at Connecticut Business Day luncheon, at a Democratic Leadership hearing, and at annual business meeting of the Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce.
3020001PO-104SpeechesMarch 1-5, 1985Remarks at a hearing conducted by Senator Dodd concerning President Reagan's proposed cuts in federal funding for mass transit and Amtrak, at the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner, and at the Tax Execut
3020001PO-105SpeechesMarch 7, 1985Comments to major employers about the reconstruction of I-91 and its effect on businesses.
3020001PO-106SpeechesMarch 11-22, 1985Remarks at Affirmative Action briefing for state agency officials, at opening ceremonies of the annual United States Savings Bond campaign, to the Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce, at Connecticut
3030001PO-107SpeechesMarch 22, 1985Remarks at signing ceremony establishing the Connecticut Coastal National Wildlife Refuge.
3030001PO-108SpeechesMarch 25-28, 1985Remarks at a Conference on Driving While Intoxicated, at a meeting of the Industrial Real Estate Brokers of the New York Metropolitan Area, and at a ceremony presenting the Jefferson Award.
3030001PO-109SpeechesMarch 29, 1985Remarks at annual dinner of Norwalk Chamber of Commerce.
3030001PO-110SpeechesApril 3-4, 1985Remarks at Conference on Household Hazardous Waste, and announces additional tax cuts.
3030001PO-111SpeechesApril 9-11, 1985Remarks at meeting of Chamber of Commerce of Northwestern Connecticut, and at a meeting of the Urban League of Greater Hartford.
3030001PO-112SpeechesApril 12-30, 1985Remarks at Governor's Forum on the Regional Plan Association, at the National Conference of Black Mayors, at the annual Conference of Hispanics in Higher Education, and at the New England Governors an
3030001PO-113SpeechesApril 30, 1985Testimony before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation.
3030001PO-114SpeechesMay 1-5, 1985Remarks at the annual meeting of the Connecticut Public Expenditure Council.
3040001PO-115SpeechesMay 6-15, 1985Remarks at the Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association Conference, at the swearing in of Brian Lensink as Commissioner of the Department of Mental Retardation, at a building dedication, and at
3040001PO-116SpeechesMarch 17-20, 1985Remarks to the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce, at a news conference announcing Connecticut Children for Children, and at a luncheon for Stamford area executives.
3040001PO-117SpeechesMay 21-31, 1985Remarks at the opening of the Connecticut Turnpike, at a ceremony marking the designation of the Hammonasset Natural Area Preserve, to the Connecticut Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, an
3040001PO-118SpeechesJanuary-February 1987Announcements of budget initiatives; budget message; remarks before a Connecticut Business and Industry Association meeting.
3040001PO-119SpeechesMarch-May 1987Statement on the homeless; remarks at a forum on city, state and federal budgets; remarks at meeting of Connecticut Association of Supervisors and Curriculum Development, to New Haven Chamber of Comme
3040001PO-120SpeechesJune-July 1987Closing remarks for 1987 legislative session; remarks at meeting of Police Commissioners Association of Connecticut; statements at hearing on truck safety, sponsored by National Governors' Association
3040001PO-121SpeechesAugust-October 1987Announcement of reorganization of the American Shakespeare Company; remarks at annual convention of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, at the annual Governor's Youth Action Conference, at G
3040001PO-122SpeechesNovember 1987Remarks to the Coalition for Literacy, on receiving an award, and to a meeting of the press.