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William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives

Subseries Title: Newspaper Clippings

Subseries ID: 005PO-0007

Subseries is: 005PO-0007
Folder is: Newspaper Clippings
Box # Folder ID Folder Title Folder Dates Content
321  0007PO-001  [Newspaper Articles]--Bridge  1981-1986  Department of Transportation press releases, newspaper articles and copies of correspondence in relation to discussion about a bridge or another ferry to Long Island; information about bridge replacem 
321  0007PO-002  [Newspaper Articles]--Bridge Collapse 1983  June-August 1983  Hour by hour description of Governor's actions June 28-30, 1983; comments for press conference; Department of Economic Development issues information on alternate routes to I-95; speculation on cause 
321  0007PO-003  [Newspaper Articles]--Bridge Collapse 1983  September-October 1983  Northbound lanes of highway reopened to trucks and buses; bridge inspector arrested for forgery; Department of Transportation internal review of bridge inspection policies and procedures; charge and c 
321  0007PO-004  [Newspaper Articles]--Bridge Collapse 1983  November 1983-1986  Interim report on implementation of Department of Transportation inspection policies and procedures; Governor's Task Force on Infrastructure; reports on bridge inspections; temporary span replace; Dep 
321  0007PO-005  [Newspaper Articles]--Infrastructure  June-July 1983  Governor's response to Westchester County Executive's complaints about comments made by Commissioner Burns; Governor requests federal aid to repair Mianus River Bridge; National Governors' Association 
321  0007PO-006  [Newspaper Articles]--Infrastructure  August-December 1983  Governor's statement to the National Governors' Association; Governor's Op-Ed piece for the Greenwich Times; local needs infrastructure questionnaire; reports. 
322  0007PO-007  [Newspaper Articles]--Infrastructure  January-May 1984  Department of Transportation dismisses two divers for misuse of state funds; possible tax increase to fund bridge repairs; Task Force Report on Bridges and Dams; Governor's comments about the report; 
322  0007PO-008  [Newspaper Articles]--Infrastructure  June-July 1984  National Transportation Safety Board report on the Mianus River Bridge collapse; allegations of fraud at the Department; criminal investigation of the collapse. 
322  0007PO-009  [Newspaper Articles]--Infrastructure II  1984-1986  Press releases, copies of Governor's speeches, articles about the Department of Transportation's plan to inspect and repair bridges; special tax obligation bonds to fund first ten years of Governor's 
322  0007PO-010  [Newspaper Articles]--Infrastructure II  April-November 1984  Governor's Task Force on Infrastructure reports on roads and highways, hazardous waste facilities, water supply, etc. 
322  0007PO-011  [Newspaper Articles]--Infrastructure II  December 1984-December 19  Notice of contracts being offered; progress reports; Governor's Task Force on Infrastructure Final Report. 
322  0007PO-012  Newspaper Articles--Governor's Commission on Long Term Care  1986-1988  Newspaper coverage of the Commission's work; report How Will We Pay; update on Governor's plan of action following report.