One Book One Community 2013 flier

One Book One Community 2013

We invite you to read and reflect on the compelling stories of six individuals from across the United States and Canada as they confront life on the streets. Each of them finds the way to Covenant House and much-needed help.

What can you do to be a part of the program?

  • Read the book on your own (in the paper or kindle version)
  • Have a shared reading and discussion within your class
  • Sponsor a community discussion in the library or student center
  • Involve students in a community project to benefit the local homeless shelter
  • Organize a movie screening to illustrate that homelessness is an international issue
  • Cooperate with the University-Museum-Community collaborative

“I’ve learned that real heroes usually aren’t the kind of people you read about in newspapers or see on TV. Real heroes are usually the ones concerned with the least glamorous things. The most heroic or biggest thing we can do in any day is a small act of kindness, decency, or love.”

Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark