Now on Display: Interpretations

exhibit-interpretations-001Works at the exhibit reflect an effort to create a variety of solutions to the same problem. The eight interpretations of a single theme are offered.

I have always found it fascinating that a group of people can stand in a room and paint the same subject. The result is always a vast array of solutions to a problem.

Art making is about problem solving. What should I paint? What color should go on after blue? What is important in the composition? Am I communicating what I started out wanting to communicate? The entire process is a mystery that evokes input.

The original image is a scene from riverside location in NJ. The composition was of interest because it provided many intimate spaces behind docks and under trees. It is important to give a viewer places to explore on canvas.exhibit-interpretations-002

The Artist:

Josa Weaterwax is a fine and decorative artist who provides artwork and murals for residential and commercial clients.

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