Faculty Recognition Exhibit

From now until November 5th check out the Faculty Recognition Exhibit on the 2nd Floor of the library.  The exhibit consists of titles that were selected by faculty members who were recently received a promotion or granted tenure in 2010.

These faculty were invited to select a book from the collection or a book to be purchased in their honor.  A book-plate is placed in the book noting their achievement and the faculty member also provides a statement about why they chose that particular book.

The Sleeping Father by Matthew Sharpe
Selected by Jaclyn Geller, Dept. of English. Promoted to Assoc. professor and granted tenure.
What is Cinema? By Andre Bazin
Selected by Burlin Barr, Dept. of English. Promoted to Assoc. Professor and granted tenure.
The symmetries of things by John Horton Conway
Selected by S. Louise Gould, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences. Promoted to professor.