Ceramics on Display

Caitlin Lee will have an assortment of her ceramics on display through January 2012 on the 2nd floor of the Burritt Library.  Caitlin is a 2008 graduate of CCSU, where she received her B.S. in Art Education.

A statement from the artist:

Throughout my education and career as an art teacher, I have experimented with a variety of media, but have always been drawn back to clay.   Clay gives me the freedom to create with multiple techniques and play with the combination of functional and sculptural forms.  My artwork is an expression of my emotions, ideas, and experiences.  When I look at a piece of my artwork, it reminds of another time in my life.  It is important for me to document these times as a way of speaking to the world and making myself heard.  When others view my art, my hope is that they will be reminded of their own experiences and form a personal connection with the work.

My most recent work involves the human figure.  I begin each sculpture with an emotion or attitude, and then design and create a figure to represent the feeling.  The figures contain exaggerated proportions and abstracted features which aid in the overall expression.  I intentionally omit specific details like facial features, in order to keep each figure more open to interpretation by the viewer.  The sculptures represent my vision of specific experiences, yet they are created in a way that allows others to form personal relationships with the work.


In May 2008 Catlin Lee received BS in Art Education with a concentration in ceramics Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT

Magna Cum Laude; and currently is enrolled in the graduate program in Art Education with a concentration in ceramics at CCSU