Library Closed Mon., Oct. 29, and Tues., Oct. 30

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the Library will be CLOSED Monday, Oct. 29, and Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012. For the latest updates of delays and cancellations, please go to the Cancellation/Delay page on the CCSU website,,  or call the Storm Weather Line (860) 832-3333. Thank you, and be safe!


One thought on “Library Closed Mon., Oct. 29, and Tues., Oct. 30”

  1. Disappointed library closed. What a perfect day to study at the library. I think the decision to close the day after storm was premature – the nature of this resourse to the school community is such that I believe it should be available if at all possible. If total power failure or other cataclysmic event prevents opening, so be it – the need and cause will probably be obvious to all and appropriate action can then be taken. Why mandate a negative impact?

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