NOT “Frankie Satin”: A Frank Sinatra Memorabilia Exhibit

NOT “Frankie Satin”: A Frank Sinatra Memorabilia Exhibit in the Burritt Library, 2nd floor.

Sinatra-LIFE Cover_Wider Shot

Please come and enjoy the new exhibit in celebration of The Year of Italian Culture in the US.

Items in the exhibit, which include posters, musical scores, records, photos, magazine covers, books, stamps, etc., are from the private collection of Dr. Gilbert L. Gigliotti.

“[Harry James] wanted me to call myself Frankie Satin! Can you imagine? Is that a name or is that a name? Now playing in the lounge, ladies and gentlemen, the one an’ only Frankie Satin…if I’d’ve done that, I’d be working cruise ships today. Besides one fake name in the family was enough.” — Frank Sinatra, as quoted by Pete Hamill, Why Sinatra Matters (p. 71)

(Frank’s father, Martin, had been a boxer, and bar owner, in Hoboken under the name of Marty O’Brien.)

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