One thought on “The Latest Edition of the Library Newsletter is Now Available!”

  1. We really liked reading your newsletter about the Burritt Library. It makes a lot of great points about the importance of libraries and how libraries are instrumental in keeping the spirit of learning and knowlegde alive among people of all ages.

    The part that I feel is the most relevant is how libraries help in safeguarding our right to know – which I feel is the essence of a meaningful life. In today’s fast-paced and junk-food binging world, in which many people revel in having the least information, Libraries act as a saviour for wisdom and knowledge passed down through centuries via books. I feel that more and more states, in fact countries, should realize this and take steps to boost readership by building libraries and encouraging people (especially students) to visit libraries more often and engage in self development, especially through productive interactions with fellow readers.
    A very big thumbs up to you!

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