Kanopy Streaming Video Service Now Available at the Library!

The library is piloting a new demand-driven program for streaming media through Kanopy to get a better sense of the funding that will be needed in order to keep it cost effective and sustainable in conjunction with its use for curriculum.Kanopy Streaming Video Service

(You can also access Kanopy from the library’s CentralSearch or website by clicking on the Databases A to Z list links and entering Kanopy into the search box or choose it from the alphabetical listing of databases.)

Given the library’s limited budget for this project, not all content available through Kanopy will be listed.  If you are interested in a particular film that you need to support your curriculum & cannot find it on the Kanopy website, please email Acquisitions Librarian Kristina Edwards (kedwards@ccsu.edu) and she will respond to you  when possible during regular business hours.