Outside Retrieval of Library Materials for Faculty

Though the Burritt Library remains closed to visitors, it is now minimally staffed on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. Faculty, if you need any physical books from the library collection, please send an email to circulation@ccsu.edu.

Materials will be pulled from the stacks twice a day. Books pulled in the morning will be available for pickup that afternoon. Books pulled in the afternoon will be available for pick up the next open morning. The hours for picking up materials will be 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the days we are on campus. 

Materials will be checked out to faculty before being packaged up. They will then be placed on a table outside the library, to the left of the front door with the faculty member’s name and pickup date displayed clearly on the package.  Any materials that are not picked up will be taken back in before closing and will not be put outside again until we are contacted with an alternate pick up date and time. 

A cart will also be available for returned materials. To maximize safety, returned materials will be quarantined for three days and then checked in.

We can also make available incoming ILL and consortia materials that may have arrived since March. Currently, the ordering of physical materials through ILL or the consortia is closed.  ILL will continue to order articles.