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Research in the Digital Age

Register now for the Spring semester!

Register now for LSC 150–Research in the Digital Age for the Spring 2021 semester! Past students say “I wish I had taken this course sooner!”

This is a 1-credit course taught fully online, where you will learn how to search in library databases as well as CentralSearch for books, articles and more. You’ll also learn how to evaluate sources and find scholarly works for your research, and how to properly cite those items! Other hot topics such as copyright and open access will be discussed as well.

There will be three sections to choose from:

  • CRN 42679 OL1 with J. Maynard
  • CRN 42680 OL2 with J. Hansen
  • CRN 43160 OL3 with M. Kruy

When Searching the Course Catalog (login with your Bluenet ID), choose the subject “Library Science” to add one of these sections to your schedule.

LSC150 Course - Research in the Digital Age - Listing of Sections for Spring 2021