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Volunteers Needed to test library tool usability

The CCSU Library is seeking volunteers for a usability test of its online “CentralSearch” tool. This is a study of the ease-of-use of the library’s primary “catalog” / “search engine”. Participants sign up for a 15-20 minute session during which they conduct searches using “CentralSearch” to answer several questions and explain their thoughts and feelings about the product while they use it. The test sessions will be conducted at the library.

Sad panda says volunteer for library search usability testing March 20-27!
Volunteer for library tool usability testing March 20-27!

The results of this work will be used as feedback for the CSCU

consortial library system to optimize the interface and/or report to the system’s vendor about issues that are found by our students.

We will offer “gift bags” for our test participants as a token of our gratitude for their time and willingness to help us improve our online offerings!

To sign up for a time, get a “ticket” through Eventbrite at or contact Sharon Clapp, Digital Resources Librarian, at or 860-832-2059.  

Spring Semester Hours

Regular semester hours

  • Monday               8am-10:45pm
  • Tuesday               8am-10:45pm
  • Wednesday        8am-10:45pm
  • Thursday             8am-10:45pm
  • Friday                    8am-4:45pm
  • Saturday              9am-3:45pm
  • Sunday                 2pm-9:45pm

Spring Break hours

  • Saturday, March 10:        Closed
  • Sunday:  March 11:          Closed
  • Monday, March 12:         8am-4:45pm
  • Tuesday, March 13:         8am-4:45pm
  • Wednesday, March 14:  8am-4:45pm
  • Thursday, March 15:       8am-4:45pm
  • Friday, March 16:             8am-4:45pm
  • Saturday,  March 17        Closed
  • Sunday , March 18:          Closed

Easter Weekend

  • Friday, March 30:             Closed
  • Saturday,  March 31:       Closed
  • Sunday , April 1:                Closed


The Fall 2017 Elihu Burritt Library Newsletter is live: Catch up with your library!

Fall 2017 Elihu Burritt Library Newsletter

In this issue, you’ll learn about Burritt Library’s EXCITE-ing new project, experience the “Best of Italy,” and relive the opening reception for our World War I exhibit, “Cross-Culture Courage: Connecticut’s Response to WWI.”

If you’re a student, you might want to submit a research paper or project to be considered for the 2018 Elihu Burritt Research Awards! Meanwhile, faculty might be interested to learn more about our Library Liaison Program.

We offer our congratulations to Stephen Arel, who won the Burritt Family Scholarship, and our boundless gratitude to our supportive, generous donors!

Did you know? This semester, Library Director Dr. Carl Antonucci and librarian Sharon Clapp presented on their new book, The LITA Leadership Guide: The Librarian as Entrepreneur, Leader, and Technologist. On a sillier note, at this year’s Trick-or-Treat e-resources event, we turned a Munchkin into a computer mouse – see how we did it!

— submitted on behalf of newsletter editor Briana McGuckin, who can be contacted at

Open Educational Resources Learning Community Group Pilot Mini Grant – $300

The Elihu Burritt Library is pleased to announce their OERs LCG pilot mini grant. The deadline for the $300 mini grant applications to be submitted for an OER-related project to be undertaken by a member of CCSU’s faculty is June 11*, 2017.
[*extended from June 1]

Thanks to the Center for Teaching & Faculty Development for their underwriting of this grant program!

For more on OERs, see our research guide on open educational resources!


Open Educational Resources Learning Community Group Begins on Open Education Week!

Open Education Week, March 27-31, 2017Open Education Week is a celebration of the global Open Education Movement, which seeks to open up students’ access to educational materials, reducing or eliminating the cost of textbooks and improving learning outcomes.

To celebrate and start this important discussion on Open Educational Resources at CCSU, the first of several Open Educational Resources Learning Community Group workshops will take place this Thursday afternoon in the CTFD classroom at the library.

  • WHEN:          EVERY THURSDAY FROM MARCH 30 – APRIL 27, FROM 3 – 3:45PM
  • SIGN UP:      Google form at
  • CONTACT      Digital Resources Librarian, Sharon Clapp and Information Literacy Instructional and Assessment Librarian, Martha Kruy .

The LCG includes a Blackboard shell and face-to-face meetings at the CTFD classroom on the library’s third floor on Thursdays from 3-3:45pm starting on March 30 through April 27th. Grants for conversion of courses to an OER basis will be available. To learn more, join us in the OER LCG.

Shutdown of CONSULS-based requests Fri., 12/23

The Connecticut State Universities and the Connecticut State Library, members of the CONSULS resource sharing consortium, will discontinue the “REQUEST’ service to share books and media between all 5 libraries as of early morning on Friday, December 23, 2016.  This action is taken in advance of the transition to the new expanded CSCU 18-member consortium. Request services will return on January. 9, 2017.

 IF you need materials that are in the CONSULS Consortium collections, but not by CCSU library, you should place orders with our Interlibrary Loan office, using ILLiad. This temporary solution will expire on January 9, 2017.

 We expect that materials will be continued to be shipped via usual channel and that there should not be a marked difference in delivery time. 

 If you have any questions, please contact Sarah White, (860-832-3408) or Kim Farrington (860-832-3403), Head of Access Services.