Main Library Phone Line VOICE MAIL instructions

From Laurie Aparo on April 21, 2017


We have removed the main number IVR and have made the following programming changes:

  • x22055 will appear as a second line on the 23410, 22060 and 22093 phone sets
  • If the call is unanswered, it will forward to a hunt group which will be comprised of the second group of numbers.  Every phone in the group will ring simultaneously, but will not have a dedicated x22055 line on the phone set.
  • If the call still goes unanswered, it will forward to a voice mailbox where messages may be left.  Notification that there is a message waiting will be emailed to the distribution list and will not contain a .wav file.

HOW TO ACCESS VOICE MAIL: To listen to messages, dial 22222 and when the system answers, hit the * key and enter the ID (22055) followed by the # key, and then the PIN (2282564 which spells Catalog on the telephone keypad).  To change the PIN, from the voice mailbox main menu, press 4, then 3, then 1.