Collecting Fines

IMPORTANT: Only staff members can remove and collect fines from patron records. Students are NOT allowed to collect fines and must alert staff when a fine needs to be removed.

Scenario 1:

Patron comes in with overdue books. Check them in to determine how much the patron owes in fines (total amount will show in Active Balance line).

Note: If the items were renewed, the stamped date due on the books may not be correct. If the items have been renewed, scan their Blue Chip/Guest Borrower Card and look in the record to view the correct due date. Make sure to select “All” for Loan Display to view all items checked out by patron. 

Ring amount due in cash register. We only accept cash, check, or Blue Chip; no debit or credit cards accepted.

Once fine has been paid, remove fine from patron record by clicking on Pay next to the Active Balance Line. Enter the amount of the fine and confirm the amount.

If the patron would like a receipt, a return receipt may be e-mailed by clicking on Send Return Receipt.

Scenario 2:

Patron notices he/she owes money that is already on account. If the amount is over $5.00, the fines need to be paid at the Bursar’s office; do not take the money. You should only take the money if the patron has not already been billed by Bursar’s, which you can check using Banner.

The only exception to this rule is if the money is owed to one of the other consortial campuses.

If amount owed is under $5.00 or is for the other campuses, collect amount due, ring it into the cash register, and remove the fine from the patron record.



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