Phone Charging Station connectors

I get asked just frequently enough about what phone charging connectors are available in the building that I took an inventory.

First Floor, front, near Circ Desk: First Floor, rear,  near elevators:
5 USB micro 4 USB micro
1 USB mini 1 USB mini
2 Apple 30-pin 2 Apple 30-pin
(0 Lightning) 1 Apple Lightning
Second Floor, front: Second Floor, back:
3 USB micro 4 USB micro
1 USB mini 2 USB mini
2 Apple 30-pin 2 Apple 30-pin
2 Apple Lightning
Fourth Floor, front: Fourth Floor, back:
3 USB micro 3 USB micro
3 Apple Lightning 2 Apple 30-pin
2 USB-C 1 USB mini
1 Apple Lightning, taped cord
1 broken cord
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Printing Refunds – update

From Norm:

I just received an email from Lisa Washko (the manager of the Student Technology Center), regarding some of the recent anomalies we’ve seen with the Pharos system, such as students being overcharged for print jobs, PDF’s not printing correctly, print jobs disappearing after a student swipes her/his card and so on.

Basically, Lisa said it’s very difficult for IT to replicate (and troubleshoot) any of these issues, since they are intermittent. 

So, if a student is charged for a job and it doesn’t print correctly, or if they don’t get the job at all, Lisa recommends they stop by her area, the Computer Lab. There, the students can fill out a form stating the problem and then Lisa can check the Pharos Log to verify that they have sent  a print job – and then issue the refund.

* REFUND FORMS are available at the Circulation desk. They are in the drawer under the cash register.*

Here is a little more info, on the Computer Lab….

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Adding Public Note to PRIMO

We have shelf notes in Primo for most of the Course Reserves books. If you need to add a public note, this is what you do:


1) Search PHYSICAL ITEMS:  Scan item barcode

2) From the three dots: select ITEM

3) Click the NOTES TAB

4) Enter the shelf note in PUBLIC NOTE field.  It appears in the system immediately.

You should also be able to do this from ALL TITLES, but it might be a few more steps. 

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Patron ROLE expired!

We got this error message this morning. 

Patron records in ALMA have MULTIPLE points of expiration.  There is the actual Expiration Date, the PURGE date and hidden in all of the roles in ALMA there is an expiry date for all roles.  I know, it makes my head hurt too.

In this case, the patron’s PATRON ROLE has an expiration date in it.  I don’t know why this happened, I hope it is not wide spread, but we can easily fix it.  Sarah W and I have access to erase any Expiry dates.  That field should be BLANK, unlike the following record.

We can easily change it if you encounter another record that has an expiry date. Just ask either of us.

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Update on Guest Access computer terminals

We are back to four operational Guest terminals. 
They are located at:

  • Two on the first floor by Starbucks
  • Stack 6
  • Stack 7  *(This one used to be on Stack 8)

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Government Documents

When I configured Alma, I purposely left out the Government Documents, since the collection was being withdrawn from our library.

In the intervening years, we have had some patrons who wanted to borrow certain titles, which always made this a problematic decision.  So, on Wednesday, I fixed it. 

As of July 3, 2019:   As it always was before:  selected government documents are available for loan.  IF they arrive at the Circulation desk, they must have a barcode to circulate.  We will treat them as we might the odd Reference title that might circulate, they get 2 weeks.   You will have to change the due date in Alma.

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Limits on Patron borrowing

As with Millennium, certain patron types had restrictions on how many items they can have out at one time.

All Faculty groups/Staff and PhD students have unlimited access.

Other students types:  Undergrad, Grad and Cont. Ed (both Undergrad/Grad) are allowed 30 items.  I changed this number during the migration because the Consortium agreed on this number for all students and faculty.  I wanted our number to be aligned with it. In Millennium it was 25 items.

If need be, we will override the 30 items by a few. If needed.

Guests:  They continue to be able to have 15 items at any one time.

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Renewing consortia materials in ALMA.

  1. Go into the NETWORK TAB and grab the barcode number(s).
  2. Move back to the LOANS tab
  3. Select the library who owns the books
  4. Enter the barcode as if you are checking the books out
  5. Item should renew

If it doesn’t, then we have to contact the other library and plead our patron’s case for another renewal.

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New Patron Count form

A more streamlined Patron Count form has been created. Effective immediately, we are only counting the total number of patrons at any location in the library. We no longer need to know whether or not they are sitting at a plugged in CCSU computer.

We are now using Circulating iPad #1, since it is more trustworthy than the old iPad mini to do the counts.

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Alma Error: Item won’t circulate from this location

What does that mean?

This location does not have the Circulation desk attached to allow lending, returning and requesting.

Either Kim or Dana can fix this.

  • Go to the ALMA Configuration menu
  • Select General Configuration
  • Select Configure Central CT State University LIBRARY
  • Select Physical Locations
  • Find the problem location
  • Select EDIT
  • Attach the existing CCSU Circulation desk!

Sign out of Alma and log in again and try checking the item out.  If it works, delete the loan when done.  That will delete the circulation loan statistic.


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