Alma Printing of Bills (backup procedure)

Here are the steps to find who had bills generated when Alma printing FAILS:

  • Go to Alma/Configuration/Fulfillment
  • Select Physical Fulfillment/Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles (this is where you manually run these bills)
  • Click on VIEW OVERDUE AND LOST LOAN Jobs button in upper right
  • Find the correct job, click on ellipse, select VIEW
    • This report gives you the number of loans processed, the number that failed/succeeded to be changed, et.
  • Click arrow on the right of the selection:  Change to Lost Profile
  • Click on ellipse, select View Succeeded Records
  • Click the Changed to Lost link to find the list of patrons, with their ID numbers.
  • Then go back into Alma Fulfillment and print the lists of Loans for each patron.
  • Generate the bills in Banner as normal, etc.

Do this for all categories that fail to print.

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