New Wireless Procedure for Guests at CCSU

Wireless Guest Access Self Service Instructions

The wireless guest server solution provides a portal which may be used by anyone to create their own user credentials. To form your own guest credentials, please perform the following steps:

1. Open your web browser to access the Clean Access login page.
2. Click the hyperlink labeled “HERE.” After clicking the hyperlink or manually browsing to the following URL ( wlc_selfservice.html), the Self Service portal (“Create Guest Account” window) will be displayed.
3. Input the necessary information. Of most importance are the mobile phone number and email address fields since the values entered in these fields will be used to deliver the credentials generated for the guest user.
4. After completing the form, click on “Add User.”
5. You will receive an e-mail with your guest credentials and further instructions. You will also receive an SMS/Text message if you provided a mobile number. Use these new guest credentials to log in to the wireless network.

Questions? Call the IT Help Desk at 860-832-1720 or e-mail

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