Power Failure & door alarms

As we know, whenever we have a power failure, we can sometimes hear the door alarms on the first floor going off and we will need to re-alarm them. We should always just double-check them just in case to be sure that the lights are blinking properly because sometimes the door alarms don’t sound, they just turn off.

Today, I did an audible check of the doors in the back of the Stacks, since Jose mentioned that we were having a problem with the alarm in Stack 7. Dave and I did a check back in the winter, so I figured it was time again. Today, I found Stack 5, 3, 2, and 1 alarms off. It occurred to me that given the numerous power failures we have had recently, this might be turning the alarms off.

If we have a power outage while we are here, or find out that we had one while we were closed, we should check the doors down here, but also do a run from Stack 8 down to be sure the doors are alarmed. There is a separate key in the key box for the Stack alarms. Be sure to wear earplugs when you do it and warn any students/staff on the stack level.

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