Stolen Laptop Procedure

Sad isn’t it that we need to worry about this. But we do….

The next time a student reports a laptop is stolen, this is what you should do:

1) The student needs to file the report with their local police. They will need from us the printout of the laptop in question, from Millennium which will have the make and model of the machine, the serial number, the CCSU Asset tag and the replacement cost which is $625 and that the laptop is property of the State of CT.

2) If you can convince them to call the CCSU Police too, that would be good.

3) BUT if you don’t see them do this while at the desk, follow up and call the CCSU Police immediately and explain what happened. They can put the information into the database for pawn shops etc where if it is pawned, we might get it back.

4) Email Norm and I about it. Norm needs to know since he will coordinate with the IT Department.

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