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British Theses

In the old days, it was virtually impossible to gain access to any thesis or dissertation that was granted at an institution in the United Kingdom. Things have changed.

Today, we had a request for a dissertation from the University of Bath. When we attempted to order it directly from the British Library (BRI) we received a message to order it through EThOS.

As I looked deeper, I discovered that EThOS is the new Electronic Theses Online Service from the British Library. I created an account using the ILL office email, the password is: tempest. When I located the item, and clicked on the link for it. Then clicked on “Choose Pricing/Delivery” button and I found out that it was a free download. Wow! So, I downloaded it and delivered it to our patron through Filezilla.

I gave Angie a printout of the main screen for you all to put in your books. Something new!