C-Car Updates (Effective July 1, 2013)

The following changes are being made to how we ship C-car materials:

1. Please put all material being sent to Route A libraries in a separate tub from those being sent to Route B libraries. Each tub is properly labeled. This will help with the sorting once the books get to the shipping facility. 

 2. Please ship the ILL Returns separately from the ILL Requests for each library. For instance, if you have a bunch of ILL Requests and ILL Returns from the New Britain Public Library, please ship them to New Britain Public separately rather than combine them like we’ve done in the past.

Also, here are a couple of reminders from our state library colleagues:

1. Please make sure all flat materials (i.e. microfilm, thin books) are placed on top of cardboard for protection when shipping.

2. Please make sure all media or fragile materials are placed in a padded or bubble envelope when shipping.

3. No staples or tape, please!

4. Please make sure to mark the correct transaction type (i.e. ILL Return vs. ILL Request) on the routing slip before putting the item in the correct bin.

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