CCAR Turnaround Time Survey

The State Library is doing a CCAR Turnaround Survey April 7-11th. connecticar.jpg


STUDENTS:  Starting after noon on Friday, April 4th, get 10 items ready to be shipped by CCAR, but do not FILL OUT the slips.  Give the pile of materials to me and I will do it using the ORANGE slips.  We are going to do this every day for the next week.  The last day you will do it will be on Thursday, April 10th.

INCOMING:  To WHOEVER DOES THE MAIL:  Next week, we will begin to receive CCAR materials with white slips and with neon ORANGE slips.  When we start receiving the orange slips, keep them together and give them to me.  I will take care of the rest of the process.

Thanks.  Kim

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