Non-Free Lending Articles going through Odyssey Helper

I was right, any Odyssey requests that needed to incur a charge have not been automatically been billed the way they do in the ILLiad Client.

So,  the LENDING person will put “IFM” in the FEE field.

Students:  For US libraries: we charge $15 for the first 20 pages and then $.25 per page thereafter.

For North American Libraries:  ie:  Canada and Mexico:  the charge is $20.

For the rest of the World:  the charge is $30.

In  some cases for North American and International articles, I may decided that we need to add the page charges, like if it was for a thesis or dissertation that we have to manually scan that has many pages.  For most normal articles, we would just charge the straight fee.

I am working on the exact procedure on how to get the billing to add the extra page charge on when we use Odyssey Helper.

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