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House Intro Image.jpg
Introductory photos of the Palmer-Warner House

Goodspeed Opera House Blueprint.jpg
This blueprint shows the outside of the Goodspeed Opera House, which Frederic helped to design the remodel for.

Metzger Bathroom Remodel.jpg
This is an original blueprint on tracer paper for the bathroom remodel that Frederic worked on for Howard's parents.

Palmer-Warner House Old 1934.JPG
This is a photo of the Palmer-Warner House from 1934, before Frederic purchased it.

Palmer-Warner House.jpg
This is a current photo of the Palmer-Warner House.

Gas Mileage Ration Ticket.jpg
This is a gas mileage ration ticket for Frederic's 1942 Ford that was used during World War II.

Vase with Gardens .tif
This photo is of an urn on the deck looking over the landscape of Frederic and Howard's home.

Group of Topiaries with Bunnies .tif
This photo shows the group of topiaries Howard had on the property, including the famous bunnies.

karhman ghia.tif
This is a photo of the Volkswagen Karhman Ghia owned by Howard Metzger. This is the car he was driving when he died in a car accident.
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