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The Elihu Burritt Library at Central CT State University satisfies the 21st century learning and research needs of its community of learners by facilitating knowledge creation and inspiring intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning.


  1. Fully integrate the library's collections and services with the University's curriculum and strategic priorities.
  2. Facilitate the seamless, timely delivery of scholarly materials in the format desired by students, faculty, and staff through a multiplicity of delivery channels availabe to a 21st century library.
  3. Leverage the library's existing space to create a variety of flexible, welcoming learning spaces that fulfill the educational and social needs of the campus community.
  4. Expand the library's reach through broader engagement with the campus community and beyond.


Elihu Burritt (1810-1879), for whom the library at Central Connecticut State University is named, was a self-educated scholar, linguist, philanthropist, social activist, diplomat, and early advocate for world peace. The New Britain native was so eager for knowledge that, after he began working as a blacksmith in Boston, he regularly walked some 45 miles to and from the American Antiquarian Society's library in Worcester to borrow books, which were quite precious at the time. Burritt eventually authored some 27 books and articles.

In 2012, Elihu Burritt and his works were honored when the library was designated as a Literary Landmark. Sponsored by the American Library Association, this program encourages communities to maintain special locations linked to a deceased literary figure, author, or his/her work. The CCSU collection contains extensive Burritt correspondence, including personal notes, lectures, photos, and published works, as well as publications about him.