The Armistice in Connecticut


The Armistice in Connecticut


World War One


Understanding the end of WWI through the Armistice Celebrations and how the Armistice as continued as an annual celebration in the form of Veterans Day.


Morgan Bengel


Morgan Bengel

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Hartford Armistice celebration
A view of the crowds lining Main Street at the intersection of Asylum Street from State Street. The building on the right is the Hartford National Bank and Trust.

Armistice celebration, Italian group
A group of Italian men march up Main Street past Poli's Theatre carrying American and Italian flags to celebrate the end of the war.

Armistice celebration, Main Street
Automobiles decorated with flags drive south down Main Street past Pearl Street in celebration of the Armistice.

Armistice celebration, Main Street
A float shaped like a coffin passes down Main Street. The signs on the float read "To [ring] the Kaiser" and "How We Helped To Do".

Armistice celebration, Spirit of '76
Three young boys dress up as a flag bearer, Uncle Sam and a drummer and carry a sign that reads "To Hell With the Kaiser." From l-r Edward Hassett, Joseph Grant and Francis Grant.

False armistice celebrations
Crowds throng Main Street in Hartford to celebrate the rumored armistice. On November 7, 1918 an unofficial report was released by the United Press declaring that an armistice had been signed and the war would end at 2:00 p.m. that day. By that…

"1918 Armistice Failed to Halt Wars" Hartford Courant
Newspaper article in the Hartford Courant, claiming that the Armistice did not end the Great War

"Terms of Armistice Told in President Wilson's Address" Hartford Courant
The Armistice information relayed to the American people, particularly Connecticut
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