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A comedy recording related to World War I.

A patriotic song from 1917

Perhaps the most iconic patriotic song of the Great War.

A medium advert featuring a photo of a young boy. Below the message reads that you can hire a young boy to do menial work to raise money for the war effort.

Wise Smith1.jpg
A medium to large advert promoting a department store which specialized in fur coats, toys, sleds and skates. There is a Americana shield which reads Free Souvenirs near the top left, and on the bottom right there is a figure of a child in a…

Tobacco Fund1.jpg
Advert requesting readers to volunteer to send in money for the purchase of tobacco to be shipped to the war for morale.

Small advert offering to ship Vermont Maple Sugar and/or Maple Syrup to relieve the sugar shortage. They are sending tons of the sugar to the boys in France.

Two men standing together apparently smoking. The younger one seems to be in a uniform, the older one in dapper clothing. Text to the left.

The Metro1.jpg
Medium advert, all text, suggesting that a free service flag would be given to every mother who registers their boys name who is serving.

Security Trust1.jpg
Small advert offering free safe deposit vault access for small holdings of Liberty Bonds.
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