Firearm Manufacturing in Connecticut during the Great War


Firearm Manufacturing in Connecticut during the Great War


World War I


Industry, manufacturing, production, use, and advertising for Colt manufactured firearms during World War I




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Women Work on Colt Assembly Line
During both World War I and World War II, women were called upon to serve in factories on the homefront, producing weapons and ammunition for the United States armed forces. In nearly all photographs of Colt Firearm Manufacturing's assembly lines…

Soldier Training with Colt Pistol
The Colt M1911 was the standard military issued handgun that was used for training, combat, and daily life in the trenches, and was widely preferred by United States soldiers. In the book titled The Colt 1911 Pistol Leroy Thompson explains, "In the…

Soldiers Pose with Colt USGI M1911
Pictured here are just fourteen (one soldier is carrying a different model) of the over two-million Colt M1911 handguns produced by the Colt Manufacturing Company. The handgun became the standard for soldiers of the United States army and navy, and…

Women Manufacturing Colt Weapons
Pictured here are female workers on a Colt factory line producing weapons during the Great War era. Due to the length, weight, and shape of the material they are working with, it appears they are manufacturing barrels for the Colt Vickers machine…

Colt M1911 Pistol
This is an original Colt M1911 .45 caliber pistol used in World War I Era before modifications were made in 1924 with the release of the Colt M1911A1

On the top right of the barrel reads "Colt's Pt. F.A.MFG.Co. Hartford, CT, U.S.A" for "Colt's…

Colt War Advertisement
Colt Manufacturing advertising their influence in war efforts, referring to themselves as the National Standard Through All Wars.

While the Colt Manufacturing Company grew tremendously during the Great War Era, the industry did not rely solely on…

Colt Co. Will Get Government Order<br /><br />
Hartford Courant Headline from 1916
An article from a 1916 issue of the Hartford Courant, describing the government purchase of over 4,000 Vicker Machine Rifles from the Colt Company.

Due to the increased demand for the Colt Vickers machine gun, Colt expanded it's factory, hired…

Colt Vickers M1915 in Battle of the Menin Road Bridge
Soldiers put Connecticut manufactured weapons to use after Colt received their government funding for Vickers machine gun production

While few Vickers machine guns were ready for the start of 1917, many began to reach the front lines by September…

Advertisement: Victory Colt; Automatic Pistol Just Adopted by US Government!
An advertisement for Colt Automatic Pistols, boasting it's recent adoption by the US Government.

The adoption of the Colt M1911 as the standard military issue firearm propelled Colt's reputation above that of it's competitors, including Smith and…

Colt-Vickers M1915 Machine Gun Ammunition and Belt Fragments
Ammunition fragments from Colt Vickers machine gun in World War I. Shown in this image are intact, battle used ammunition fragments from the Colt-Vickers M1915 machine gun. While production of the gun was slow at first, many Vickers machine guns…
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