Music in World War 1


Music in World War 1


Connecticut's use of music as propaganda in World War 1


Chelsea Marti


Chelsea Marti

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"I WANT YOU" Poster
Iconic "I Want You" army recruiting poster.

Musical America Editorial - Hartford Courant
This is the editorial about an article written in the magazine "Musical America" regarding different Liberty Choruses in Waterbury.

"Over There" Sheet Music Cover Art
This is the cover art for the sheet music for the iconic World War 1 song "Over There."

Bunker Hill Liberty Chorus - Sunday Republican
This article describes events happening on Bunker Hill, including that the Bunker Hill Liberty Chorus will meet "Tuesday evening, Sept 17, at 8 o'clock at the church"

First Liberty Chorus Rally - Connecticut Bulletin
This articles discusses the first time a liberty chorus performed at a war rally.

Maine Copies CT - Connecticut Bulletin
This article described how Maine began doing liberty choruses after seeing the success in Connecticut.

National Division of Liberty Choruses - Connecticut Bulletin
This article describes that Connecticut Division of Liberty Choruses went to Washington DC to assist in creating a campaign for nation wide liberty choruses.

Liberty Chorus Notes
This article explains the success of the national liberty chorus campaign. The article states that 30 states now had liberty chorus directors.

Connecticut to Advise Community Singing - Hartford Courant
This article explains how the National Council of Defense looked to the Connecticut Council of Defense on using community singing as a way to win the war.

Lullaby of War
Sheet music booklet for the song "While Your Daddy's Far Away."
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