Ridgefield in WWI


Ridgefield in WWI


The Great War


Ridgefields and the surrounding areas account of the Great War


Joshua Pfohl




Joshua Pfohl

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Red Cross Training Camp Photo
Photo of the Red Cross Training Class with Dorothy and Cora Weir in the back row.

Cora Weir Brest Photos
The first photo is of Cora Weir sitting in her uniform while looking to the left and facing the camera. The second photo is of her standing outside of the American Red Cross station. There is a black background between the two photographs, and a…

Presidential Speech at Red Cross Nursing Class
At the point of the article the United States had not entered into WWI, and those going volunteered for service in the event that the U.S. would enter the war. Both Dorothy and Cora Weir were trained at this encampment.

Weir Farm Porch Photo
Julian and Dorothy Weir are sitting on the porch of the Weir house located on Nod Hill road in Ridgefield.

It is a transcript of the letter, which the original is in the Huntington Library in Sana Marina CA.

Charles W. Neth Letter
The first two pages of the item are also discussing Ridgefield and the War, but the image had been damaged and is partially illegible.

Ridgefield Trims Germans
There was a basketball game between the Ridgefield team and the Danbury team which was referred to as "Germans".

Connecticut Food Plan
It is an account on the food plan leading into the war and in the event of war. It was published in the Ridgefield Press.

Weir Farm National Historic Site Visitor Center
This is a building built to serve as the central piece to the site and help manage visitors.

American Legion Post 78
These three pictures are of the American Legion post. "The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness." -American Legion Website
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