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rivets poster.jpg
A propaganda poster emphasizing the importance of factory jobs during World War 1.

The only anti-aircraft gun built for the United States army during World War 1. It was designed and built by the New Britain Machine Company.

New Britain High School students building gas masks for soldiers during World War 1.

Factory workers at Stanley Workers in New Britain, CT train to build war materials for World War 1.

A Browning Automatic Rifle Magazine produced at Stanley Works in New Britain, CT for soldiers in the US army during World War 1.

calvary sword.jpg
World War I cavalry sabre produced in 1917 by Landers, Prary & Clark. This is a "Patton Sabre" which was designed by George Patton. Last cavalry sabre used by the United States Army.

dagger inscription.jpg
A World War I trench knife, used for combat. It has a triangular blade to make it more difficult for wounds to heal. Was later banned by Geneva Convention.

A grenade case from World War I.

medical drills.jpg
World War I medical drill used on wounded soldiers.

A female factory worker is making a pistol for soldiers during World War I. She is working in the Colt factory in Hartford, Connecticut.
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