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mess kit.png
Mess Kit produced by Landers, Frary & Clark for American soldiers during World War I.

A Maxim-Vickers Machine gun produced for British and American forces, more than 13,000 were manufactured by Colt.

Mark 1 Trench Knife manufactured by Landers, Frary & Clark in 1918. Different from the triangle blade used in the 1917 model, it also has a "skull crush" pommel.

Stanley works plant 1.jpg
The Stanley Works plant in 1919 where war materials were produced for the U.S military during World War I.

1919 L, F, C.tif
Workers at the Landers, Frary, & Clark factory in 1919.

Ammunition from a Vickers M1916 Machine Gun that was used by British forces in World War I.

pistol ad.jpg
An advertisement for the Colt 1911 which was used by the US Army during World War I.

war orders.pdf
4,600 Vickers Machine Guns were purchased from the Colt Manufacturing Company by the US government to arm the military.

colt ad 2.jpg
A advertisement by weapons maker, Colt Manufacturing Company.

women workers.jpg
Women in the Colt Manufacturing Company making barrels for machine guns.
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