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stanley trench mirror.jpg
United States Army trench mirror used to look over the walls of the trenches. Produced by Stanley Works in December 1917.

A World War I era gas mask and bag used by American forces.

war orders.pdf
The Hartford Courant's article about war orders for Stanley Works in New Britain, CT. Company was making shrapnel shells for allies.

new plant.pdf
A new factory was to be built for New Britain Machine Company to assemble machine guns. Stanley Works received a $1 million order for magazines for Browning guns.

A M1911 produced by Colt Manufacturing Company and designed by John Browning. Commonly used in World War I.

A M1917 Revolver that was produced by both Colt and Smith & Wesson, weapon was commonly used in World War I.

A Browning Model 1917 used by American forces in World War I.

colt armory.png
Colt Armory in 1906, located in Hartford, Connecticut.

Colt New Service revolver produced from 1898 through 1946, it saw action in World War I.

LFC canteen.jpg
A canteen used in World War I and produced by Landers, Frary & Clark
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