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  • Collection: "Americanization Movement in Connecticut - World War I "

CCSU - Item Liability.pdf
Circular: The Non-English Speaking Employee In Industry
A Liability, Not an Asset

CCSU - Poster What is.jpg
Council of Defense poster on what Americanization is

CCSU - Poster Rallies.jpg
Poster addressing the success of Council of Defense War Rallies

CCSU - Spirit of Victory March.pdf
Sheet music for Liberty Chorus's Spirit of Victory March

CCSU - War Rally.jpg
Poster for War Rally on December 14, 1917 in Litchfield supported recruitment efforts.

CCSU - President's War Address.pdf
Picture of cover of President Wilson's address to Congress concerning World War I Cover

CCSU - Holcomb Message.pdf
Message to the people of Connecticut from Governor Marcus Holcomb

CCSU - GovernorHolcomb-249x300.jpg
Portrait of Governor Marcus H. Holcomb

CCSU - Poster True Americanism.jpg
Connecticut State Council of Defense propaganda poster addressing what true Americanism means

CCSU - Poster Newspapers.jpg
Council of Defense propaganda poster emphasizing assistance and cooperation of CT newspapers
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