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ILLiad: Things to do before training next week


Atlas has two training videos on billing that we should look at before next Wednesday.  Check out the Setting up Billing and Using Billing Manager.

We also should all get on the ILLiad listserv for the time being.  Instructions for this are at: 

If you choose, you could join the Odyssey listserv.  Odyessy is comparable to Arilel and runs through ILLiad.  Instructions for that are at:

We should all make a valiant effort to take a look through the Lending manual so we are a bit familiar with the look of ILLiad on training day.

We currently have ILLiad installed on each machine, but we are working with IT to get a “shared” system up and running, so that when it is time for an upgrade, that will need to be upgraded, not all five machines individually.

My game plan is to bring lending down in CLIO on Tuesday morning, January 15.  I will then turn ILLiad Lending on, which will download incoming pending requests for our training on Wednesday, January 16th.

Excited yet?  I am…… K~

Welcome ILLiad

To get ready for our ILLiad training session on January 16th, you should take a look and familiarize yourself with the two following Lending documents that are found at the Atlas website.

The first document is the Lending Guide which is found at:

The second is the Lending Flow Chart:

If you are interested, other documentation is available at the Atlas website: