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For the RARE FEDEX shipments

Talk to Theresa first with the details of the shipment
When Theresa Ok’s it
Call Mailroom: (Kate x22528) for how the pickup should be handled, either Mailroom or Library. If sending to Mailroom, send interoffice.
Call to arrange the pick-up
TM pays the bill.

We will use this with great discretion you describe below. The account number is 4836-9020-7, and Fedex’s phone is 1-800-463-3339.

-OR- we can drop the package off in a FEDEX bin.

Odyssey Sending Failed

What do we do when this happens?

I’ve noticed a pattern. There are two libraries whose Odyssey continually fails, I know this because I am tracking it. If this happens, record the library code on the paper taped to the back room computer.

But, how do we force it to go Odyssey? We don’t. First, set it back to In Stacks Searching.  It is easier to grab both transaction numbers  and look in BSCan ILL in the  Resend Article list. Since it was originally shipped via Odyssey, so look for the the ILLiad TN number. Open the record and change the shipping info to Ariel and change the TN number to the ILL number.

Make sure ILLiad and Ariel are open and hit  RESEND Article.

ILLiad Update

As you remember, the previous post was about the AutoHotKeys.  Debbie will be helping me sometime this week to hopefully make them easier to use.

I have now shown all of you how to place a document on our ILLiad server and notify the patron via email. I will get those instructions into the wiki as soon as I can.

We have many new emails within ILLiad to use:

Email to Mary Ellen about a serial problem: Borrowing, Lending

Note:  Borrowing, Lending

Borrowing emails for Yes Renewal, No Renewal, an email for documents available through our databases, another for full text material found on the web.  There is a renewal to resend a request and some renewals that accompany the ALA form and the National Library of Medicine form.

For borrowing, we also have a new procedure to notify patrons who have not come to pick up their materials after one week.  This should be done weekly by the departmental person.

Stale request processing:  This process should also be done weekly by the departmental person.  I will put those instructions on the wiki too, if all goes well early next week.

New Scanning Procedures

Since the scanner is broken, I have reworked our procedures.  The Reserve room has been gracious and offered to scan things for us.

WHEN UPDATING articles- Look at the article.  If it looks like it will be difficult to get a decent scan on a flat bed scanner, route it to the back room to be copied before it goes to the Reserve Room.

When the materials come back from the Reserve Room, either the UA’s or Kim will get the documents off the S drive and put them in the appropriate folders for the students:

1) Look in S:Access_Services/Interlibrary Loan/PDF’s/.  The documents will listed by ILL number.

2) Cut and Paste all PDF’s to be emailed into the “My Documents” folder.

3) Use MyMorph to change the PDF’s that need to go via Ariel from “pdf” format to “tiff” format.

4) Import the documents to be Arieled in.  Go to: Documents/Import.  Save it with the ILL number.  Leave the slips in separate piles to emailed or sent via Ariel.

5) Delete all PDF’s out off the S: drive and delete the “tiff’s” out of [My Documents.]


The scanned documents that need to be emailed will be in the [My Documents] folder.  Use Outlook and send as usual.

The documents going Ariel:  these documents will be in  the Ariel Archive.  To send them:  Click on the document, and click the Envelope button.  Send as usual.

When you are done to cut down on the confusion, delete the documents out of [My Documents] and the Ariel Archive when you are done.

Updating In Stacks Searching

I have spent the better part of two days attempting to figure out why materials were not updated in ILLiad, where as they were checked out in MillCirc and updated in OCLC or iConn. It probably happened because we were so overwhelmed, but I cleared over 100 requests out of that Queue.

When UPDATING a truck, you need to:

1) Physically separate the OCLC items, reQuest items and faxes.

2) Check them out in MillCirc.

3) If they are from reQuest, update reQuest and print out CCAR labels.

4) Then update everything in ILLiad.

Welcome ILLiad

To get ready for our ILLiad training session on January 16th, you should take a look and familiarize yourself with the two following Lending documents that are found at the Atlas website.

The first document is the Lending Guide which is found at:

The second is the Lending Flow Chart:

If you are interested, other documentation is available at the Atlas website:


WRS changes in need-by-date and reasons-for-no

OCLC recently implemented a fix to correct problems users have been reporting with inaccurate lender string histories and incorrect reasons for no reports. Rather than report incorrect request histories, we are no longer carrying over the history from an unfilled request when a new request is created. We are pursuing a permanent fix to this problem that will display correct request histories.

In order for your institution to track lender histories of unfilled requests, you will have to retain the request ID number of the unfilled request and search for it as a completed request. In the coming months we will introduce the ability to search the completed request archive by other search elements including bibliographic data fields and patron data fields.

From a technical standpoint once a record is resent with new lenders it is considered a “new” request.

A related issue has been the “Need by date” not being carried over to the “new” request. With the next install cycle the need before date will be appear on the new request and will be the same date as the original request.

Thank you for all of your comments and concerns about workflow issues and hopefully they will be solved within the next couple of months as we continually improve the service.

Thank you

Christa Starck Weiker

Product Manager, WorldCat Resource Sharing

New World Wide ILL wiki

This was posted on ILL-L listserv June 18, 2007:

We are pleased to introduce ShareILL (pronounced like the woman’s name “Cheryl”), a new wiki devoted to all aspects of ILL and resource sharing, You might notice that the content looks more like a tarted up web site than Wikipedia, but that’s because we just wanted to get the basic infrastructure in place so that you (yes, we mean YOU) can contribute the sort of content that will be helpful to you and your ILL colleagues around the world. Just go to, create an account, and start writing your wiki entry.

Maybe you want to write about ILL copyright tracking, or performance standards, or how ILL works in your country/state/province/region. Maybe you’re the resident expert on German copyright law and ILL, or you’ve been involved in some innovative ILL project, or you want to write about the convergence between ILL, acquisitions, and collection development. Create your ShareILL account, and start writing! We want this to be a truly grass roots effort for the entire global resource sharing community, sort of “Wikipedia meets ILL”, so that means anyone can create and/or edit any of the ShareILL pages.

Remember: like ILL itself, ShareILL can only be successful if we all pitch in and share our expertise, so start writing!

See you on the wiki,

Linda Frederiksen

Mary Hollerich