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Odyssey Sending Failed

What do we do when this happens?

I’ve noticed a pattern. There are two libraries whose Odyssey continually fails, I know this because I am tracking it. If this happens, record the library code on the paper taped to the back room computer.

But, how do we force it to go Odyssey? We don’t. First, set it back to In Stacks Searching.  It is easier to grab both transaction numbers  and look in BSCan ILL in the  Resend Article list. Since it was originally shipped via Odyssey, so look for the the ILLiad TN number. Open the record and change the shipping info to Ariel and change the TN number to the ILL number.

Make sure ILLiad and Ariel are open and hit  RESEND Article.

ILLiad Update

As you remember, the previous post was about the AutoHotKeys.  Debbie will be helping me sometime this week to hopefully make them easier to use.

I have now shown all of you how to place a document on our ILLiad server and notify the patron via email. I will get those instructions into the wiki as soon as I can.

We have many new emails within ILLiad to use:

Email to Mary Ellen about a serial problem: Borrowing, Lending

Note:  Borrowing, Lending

Borrowing emails for Yes Renewal, No Renewal, an email for documents available through our databases, another for full text material found on the web.  There is a renewal to resend a request and some renewals that accompany the ALA form and the National Library of Medicine form.

For borrowing, we also have a new procedure to notify patrons who have not come to pick up their materials after one week.  This should be done weekly by the departmental person.

Stale request processing:  This process should also be done weekly by the departmental person.  I will put those instructions on the wiki too, if all goes well early next week.

Assigning new library codes in ILLiad for non-OCLC libraries

New procedure:

When you encounter a new library who is not in Clio and not in OCLC, look in the “OFFLINE REQUEST” folder.  In there you will find a record of the last library number code  that we entered into ILLiad.

ISO and ILLiad

SUCCESS!  Today I processed our first ISO test request between AutoGraphics (the people who bring us reQuest) and ILLiad!!

Just had to share!  K

ILLiad Borrowing Training


 From Stephanie at Atlas:
I posted practice exercises and tutorials for you to complete between classes.  These are not required but would give you a chance to try some borrowing tasks while you are still in testing before going live. Patron Interface exercise (Day 1) Copyright Tutorial (web-based tutorial with audio) (Day 1) Enable ConnectionManagerActiveBorrowing for training (temporary) (Day 2) Searching and Sending Requests on OCLC (Day 2) Basics of receiving items (Day 3) Review other ILLiad webs (Day 3)

New Version of ILLiad


We will not be upgrading to ILLiad 7.3 until this summer after the end of the semester.


Coming in two weeks! ILLiad Version 7.3

From Genie at Atlas Systems…..

As I announced on Friday of the ILLiad conference, we’ll be releasing ILLiad Version 7.3 on Tuesday April 1, 2008. (No really, on April 1st.)

In preparation, we’ll be having preview sessions that you can attend via WebEx Event Center to see the major changes in 7.3 as well as learn how best to prepare for the upgrade. You can view the list of ILLiad 7.3 Preview Sessions here:

The preview session times are:

Wednesday, March 19 2-4pm

Thursday, March 20 2-4pm

Tuesday, March 25 2-4pm

Wednesday, March 26 2-4pm

Thursday, March 27 2-4pm

I’ll also be recording one of the sessions and making it available to view in case those times are bad for you.

I don’t think we’ll need the entire 2 hours, but it’s there in case we do. Also remember that if you are all in the same office or building, please use a speaker phone or conference room to view the preview so we can be sure there are enough spaces for everyone. If your institution has remote folks that are miles away, though, they’re welcome to log in separately and not make a field trip to the main office.

Thanks, Genie

Genie Powell – Atlas Systems, Inc.

ILLiad Billing Manager

Please sit down and watch both of the training videos on Setting up Billing and Using the Billing Manager before next Wednesday, March 19.

I am starting to run the Billing Manager in test mode effective today.

No incoming lending in reQuest as of Monday, February 18

In order to install and test the ISO link to reQuest, it was suggested that we go down as a lender for two to three weeks. This will accomplish two things, it will give us time to test the system and it will give us time to clear a lot of material out of reQuest.

If we get any renewal requests, I am tempted to say NO at this time, that should help get materials back.

For Borrowing, if anyone requests anything this way, delete it and throw it on OCLC.   The plan is to keep us down until March 10th.  If libraries call and really need something that we have, they can fax us….

Updating In Stacks Searching

I have spent the better part of two days attempting to figure out why materials were not updated in ILLiad, where as they were checked out in MillCirc and updated in OCLC or iConn. It probably happened because we were so overwhelmed, but I cleared over 100 requests out of that Queue.

When UPDATING a truck, you need to:

1) Physically separate the OCLC items, reQuest items and faxes.

2) Check them out in MillCirc.

3) If they are from reQuest, update reQuest and print out CCAR labels.

4) Then update everything in ILLiad.