New Scanning Procedures

Since the scanner is broken, I have reworked our procedures.  The Reserve room has been gracious and offered to scan things for us.

WHEN UPDATING articles- Look at the article.  If it looks like it will be difficult to get a decent scan on a flat bed scanner, route it to the back room to be copied before it goes to the Reserve Room.

When the materials come back from the Reserve Room, either the UA’s or Kim will get the documents off the S drive and put them in the appropriate folders for the students:

1) Look in S:Access_Services/Interlibrary Loan/PDF’s/.  The documents will listed by ILL number.

2) Cut and Paste all PDF’s to be emailed into the “My Documents” folder.

3) Use MyMorph to change the PDF’s that need to go via Ariel from “pdf” format to “tiff” format.

4) Import the documents to be Arieled in.  Go to: Documents/Import.  Save it with the ILL number.  Leave the slips in separate piles to emailed or sent via Ariel.

5) Delete all PDF’s out off the S: drive and delete the “tiff’s” out of [My Documents.]


The scanned documents that need to be emailed will be in the [My Documents] folder.  Use Outlook and send as usual.

The documents going Ariel:  these documents will be in  the Ariel Archive.  To send them:  Click on the document, and click the Envelope button.  Send as usual.

When you are done to cut down on the confusion, delete the documents out of [My Documents] and the Ariel Archive when you are done.

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