reQuest Search Settings

I noticed that I had a problem a few weeks ago on my reQuest search screen. But with things the past few weeks, I haven’t had a chance to figure out how to fix it.

If when you go to the reQuest search screen to search for a book and your settings have been changed, here is how you fix it. From the Status Browse screen, click on STAFF MENU. On the left, look for: My Account. Click the plus sign next to it to open the submenu.

When you click on the “My Favorite Resources” link you can pick the databases that will be the default everytime you open reQuest. I just like reQuest and the reQuest Serials databases. Click Submit, then log out of reQuest. The next time you log in, you changes will have been saved. Steve said that we had an upgrade a few weeks ago that trashed some accounts, but not others.

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